How do I subscribe to Fizz Home Internet?


Subscribing to Fizz Home Internet is easy:


  1. Create your Fizz account and add a plan.

    If you don’t yet have a Fizz account (perhaps you already do if you’re subscribed to our mobile service), you must create one on

    An email asking you to confirm your email address will be sent at the email address you associate to your Fizz account. 

    Once your account has been created, log in. Click on Overview. Scroll down to the “Mobile or Home Internet plans”. Click on Get started.


  1. Identify your service address.

    Your service address is basically the address of the house, cottage or apartment where your Home Internet will be installed. We ask you for this address right away to make sure Fizz Home Internet is available at this location.

    Know that Fizz is unfortunately not available in buildings identified as commercial.

    If Fizz Home Internet is not available at your address, come back later. It’s currently available to many residential addresses in Quebec and Ontario. In time, the service will become available to a growing number of postal codes. What if Fizz Home Internet is not available at my address?


  1. Choose your Home Internet plan.

    Once you click Subscribe, the plan wizard will guide you, starting with the choosing the speed you’d like to have for your Internet connection. Here are a few indicators to help you:  

    • 10 Mbps: A person can check their emails, stream music. 
    • 30 Mbps: One device will be able to stream video. 
    • 60 Mbps: You’ll be able to download large files, play games and stream simultaneously on multiple devices. 
    • 120 Mbps: Several people will access your network, and perform online activities such as online gaming or streaming. 
    • 200 Mbps: our fastest access to accommodate multiple users, multiple devices and/or multiple bandwidth-hungry activities such as online multiplayer games, simultaneous downloads and 4K or HD video streaming among other things. 


    The price of your plan will vary based on the downloading speed you choose. Should one of the speed options not be available at your address, you simply won’t be able to select it. 

    You’ll see the fee for the monthly plan you choose at the bottom of the screen. Click Save once you’re happy with your speed and monthly fee.

    Fizz does not offer multiservice rebates. Instead, we make sure to offer all our members the best prices for our mobile service, as well as our Home Internet service. 


  1. Choose your installation option.

    Your Home Internet will only work with a Fizz Wi-Fi modem.

    Since a technician must deliver your modem to your service address, the modem’s delivery time corresponds to the date of your installation appointment. Two installation options are offered to you:

    - Self-installation

    Fees: included with the price of your plan.
    A technician will bring you your Fizz Wi-Fi modem, and make sure your cable connection works properly. You’ll then follow the clear and detailed instructions included in the box to install your modem and configure your network yourself.

    - VIP installation

    Fees: $60
    A technician will bring you your Fizz Wi-Fi modem, install it, and configure your connection as well as your Wi-Fi network.


    The activation of your plan, and as such the start of your payment cycle, will start the moment the technician delivers you your Fizz Wi-Fi modem. You’ll therefore be able to use your Home Internet service as soon as you’re done with your installation if you opted for Self-installation, or as soon as the technician is done in the case of a VIP installation.

    You can upgrade from self-installation to VIP installation on the day of your technician appointment — just let the technician know. In that case, the technician will inform you of any applicable incremental fees before working on anything, and upon your approval these fees will be automatically taken from your Fizz account. However, you cannot downgrade from VIP to self-installation.


  1. Schedule your installation appointment.

    Use our scheduling tool to book your installation at a time when an adult will be available at your service address. An installation appointment can take as little as five (5) minutes if everything is fine and the cable connection is functional. Just keep in mind that it can take up to two (2) hours if work is necessary or if you chose the VIP installation. 


    IMPORTANT: Make sure that it’s the cable outlet of your choice (where you’ll be placing your modem) that is activated. Or else, you’ll have to pay for a service call to have your cable outlet relocated.


    • Tip: Install your modem in a central location of your house, and close to where you’ll use Internet most. Seek an open space so it doesn’t overheat, and its signal travels well. 


    You can opt in to receive appointment reminders by email or text. Click Save to register your appointment.

    IMPORTANT: An adult over 18 years of age must be present at your service address when the technician visits.
    For multi-unit buildings, make sure you also have access to the building's wiring room.

    Make sure to consult the detailed FAQ about the technician’s visit to your service address, with info on :
    - How to change or cancel an appointment.
    - What to do if you receive an email for the failure of an appointment.
    - Important things to know for any technician visit.
    - Etc.


  1. Enter your payment information.

    Unless you already have a Fizz account, you will be required to enter the credit card you will use to pay for your Home Internet plan. Check payment methods you can use.

    Review your order summary, accept the terms of the services agreement and click Submit to make your first payment.

    What are the items in my Fizz Home Internet order summary?

    Your first monthly payment will be charged to your credit card when you subscribe. Your payment cycle, however, will start with the delivery of your Fizz Wi-Fi modem. This means the amounts of your next monthly payments will be automatically charged to your credit card each month, 72 hours before the date on which you received your Fizz Wi-Fi modem.

    There are no long-term contracts at Fizz. You have a services agreement, but you’ll see that it does not specify an end date or penalty fees if you leave.

    There are no promotional prices at Fizz. Our prices are fair at all times, and for everyone. If a price change is expected for your plan, you’ll be notified 30 days in advance. 


  1. Avoid doubling up.

    Once your Home Internet plan is activated, don’t forget to contact your previous provider to cancel your Internet subscription with them, and avoid paying double.

    In addition to your Fizz subscription, you can, of course, choose to have other subscriptions at the same service address, such as an Internet connection from another provider or cable TV service. For those situations, you’ll need a splitter for your cable connection. You can also have a second cable outlet installed.