How do I subscribe to Fizz Home Internet?


Subscribing to Fizz Home Internet is as easy as 1 2 3 4:

  1. Go to (During the beta period, you can only subscribe by going to Overview in your Fizz account.)
  2. Create your account.
  3. Follow the Plan Wizard to create your plan.
  4. Schedule your installation.
How to get started with Fizz Home Internet, step by step:
  1. Create your account.

    If you don’t yet have a Fizz account (perhaps you’re already subscribed to our mobile service), you will be required to create an account and confirm your email address.

  1. Tell us your service address.

    Your service address is simply the address of the house, cottage or apartment where your Home Internet will be installed. We ask you for this address right away to make sure Fizz Home Internet is available at this location.

    What if Fizz Home Internet is not available at my address?


  1. If Fizz Home Internet is available at your address, launch the subscription process.

    Once you click Subscribe you will arrive at the Plan Wizard. Here is where you choose the speed you require for your broadband connection.

    Which speed should I choose?

    Based on the plan you create, you will see the fee for your monthly plan at the bottom of the screen. Click Save once you’re happy with your speed and monthly fee.

  1. Confirm your service address and plan.

    When you save your selected plan, you’ll move to a confirmation page. Double check your service address and selected plan to make sure everything is correct.

  1. Choose your installation option.

    For your Fizz Home Internet to function, you require a Wi-Fi modem. Only modems provided by Fizz will enable our service to function. A technician will come to your service address to deliver your modem, and if requested, install your modem and configure the network.

    Choose the installation option that suits you:

    - Self-installation

    Fee: Free of charge
    A technician will deliver your Fizz Wi-Fi modem and make sure your cable connection works properly.

    - VIP installation

    Fee: $30
    Put your feet up. A technician will take care of everything!

    • Delivery and full installation of your Wi-Fi modem

    • Configuration of your connection and Wi-Fi network


    Need a little extra help? You can upgrade from self-installation to VIP installation on the day of your technician appointment — just let the technician know. However, you cannot downgrade from VIP to self-installation.

  1. Schedule your installation.

    Use our scheduling tool to book your installation at a time when an adult will be available at your service address. You can opt in to receive appointment reminders by email or text. Click Save to register your appointment.

    IMPORTANT: An adult over 18 years of age must be present at your service address when the technician visits.

    You can reschedule your appointment up to three (3) times. If you try to reschedule a fourth time, your subscription will be automatically cancelled, and you’ll have to restart the process all over.  

  1. Enter your payment information.

    If you don’t already have a Fizz account, you will be required to enter the credit card you will use to pay for your Home Internet plan. Review your order summary, accept the terms of the Services Agreement and click Submit to make your first payment.

    What are the items in my Fizz Home Internet order summary?