Moving my Fizz Internet

Moving your Internet service has never been any easier.
No moving fee.
No tech appointment required.1
No need to change your modem.

Plan your move directly in your account.


Register your new address.

Sign in to your account. Go to My plans > Manage my plan and open a moving request for your Home Internet plan.


Choose your dates.

Set the reactivation date for your Internet service at your new address, as well as the deactivation date at your current address.2


Don’t forget your modem.

Pack and bring your Fizz Wi-Fi modem to your new address. As you settle in your new home, plug it in and ta-dah!

A friend of yours is also moving?

A $25 bonus is in for both of you when you put in a good word about Fizz Internet and share your referral code.3

Friends also moving
Friends also moving

Unlimited Internet, no contract.

Modem rental and delivery included.

Easy Self-installation.1

24/7 online support.

Answers to your questions.

No. By choosing Self-installation when you submit your move request, there is no fee to reactivate your Home Internet plan at your new address.1,2

Yes. Pack and bring your Fizz Wi-Fi modem to your new address. The steps to install it in your new home are the same.2

With the Self-installation option, no. Your plan will be deactivated and reactivated on the dates you selected in your move request.1

If our systems detect the outlet at your new address is inactive, we’ll indeed need to send a tech. With Self-installation, that appointment is free of charge.1

Delays may vary. One thing’s for sure, submitting your request early is the best way to get the date you want.

Every time a new member uses your referral code to activate their first Fizz plan, you each get a referral bonus when this new member celebrates their 2nd month anniversary with us. You can invite as many people as you like. Your referral bonuses will simply add up.3

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