Easily manage your Wi-Fi
network thanks to this dynamic duo.



The incredibly smart
Wi-Fi modem

Our Wi-Fi modem, which also plays the role of a router, will impress you with its amazing technical capabilities. Its band-steering function, for example, makes for smooth web surfing on any device.



The amazing Fizz Wi-Fi app.

That’s your go-to tool to manage your Wi-Fi network from anywhere, diagnose and fix issues, as well as optimize and secure your Wi-Fi signal.1

Download the Fizz Wi-Fi app for free:

google apple

Speed tests

Self-diagnostic tool and speed test.

Diagnose and fix issues, as well as optimize and secure your Wi-Fi signal. Easily test the speed of your connection, as well as the one to your device.


Master of Wi-Fi even from a distance

Manage your network and see which devices are connected to your network regardless of where you are. Block or pause their access, but use your powers wisely.1


Simplify life with schedules

Is bedtime a challenge?
Set up an automatic Wi-Fi switch-off schedule for each device. Sleep tight, everyone.


Guests? No stress.

Forget about complicated setups.
Just create a separate secure guest network with its own deadline and password.

This is technical, but also really neat.


Band steering

With the band steering function, your devices all still display the same Wi-Fi network name, but your Fizz Wi-Fi modem automatically connects each one to its optimal frequency (2.4Ghz or 5Ghz) to make your web surfing experience seamless.

Explore the technical details


Automatic Wi-Fi channel optimization

Each Wi-Fi frequencies offer a wide range of channels. Your Fizz Wi-Fi modem, however, automatically selects the best channel for each connected device, based on factors like the time of day and potential interference from other networks.

Explore the technical details

You’re in good hands.

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