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of buying a phone

with Fizz.

No minimum plan required.

The latest phone with the little plan? A little phone with a big plan? Buy the phone you want, regardless of the value of your plan. 

Unbelievable flexibility.  

Whether you buy your phone from Fizz or bring your own, you can change your mobile plan whenever you want, whether it’s up or down.1

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Two ways to pay for your phone.


Pay now.

You pay for your phone in total
the moment you purchase it.

Accepted payment methods


Finance it with Affirm.

You buy your phone now and break up its cost
with Affirm.2

How financing works


Lots of My Rewards points.

Buying a phone with Fizz will give you
a nice boost in our loyalty program.3 

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Fast delivery.  

No need to travel. We offer free 
delivery to your door.4

How to follow your precious package


15-day return policy. 

Changed your mind? No sweat.
That’s why we have a worry-free return policy.5

Policy details

Preloved phones.  

A break for our planet, and your wallet.6


What’s a Preloved phone


3 steps to get yourself a new phone.

Pop in

Choose your phone.

Whether it’s new or Preloved, thanks to our wide choice you’ll surely find the best phone to buy for yourself (and your budget).  

Pop in

Set it all up.

Once it’s in your hands, setting up your phone with your SIM card is child’s play. 

Pop in


Have fun.

Enjoy your perfect plan, and make sure to check your My Rewards upgrades and perks.3

Looking for answers?


The one you want. With Fizz, you create the mobile plan you need, and you can change it as many times as you want.1 The purchase of your phone is independent, and does not influence the price, or the choice, of your mobile plan. So, you only pay for what you really need.

Yes. The SIM card identifies you and keeps your phone connected to the network so you can enjoy your Fizz mobile plan.

No. When you order your phone, the billing address associated with your payment method will be the one used for shipping. The package will be addressed to you. You’ll have to show a valid photo ID with your name and address, and sign upon delivery.4

Check your emails. Instructions and next steps will be sent to you. But in a nutshell if the first delivery attempt fails, you’ll have to plan a new one. If the second attempt fails as well, you’ll need to pick up your phone at the shipping company.


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