Buy your phone differently.

Buy your phone with Fizz.





Choose your phone.

Whether you opt for a new phone, or one of our Preloved phones, with Fizz you get your money’s worth.


Keep or create your best mobile plan.

Whether you create a new plan or choose to use the one you already have, know that with Fizz there are no restrictions as to which plan you associate to your phone. Big or small, any mobile plan will do the trick.


Pay for your phone.

You know us, we like to keep things fair and simple. So when you pay for your phone, you pay for your phone. Regardless if you choose to pay upfront now or finance your purchase with Affirm, the purchase is kept separate from the price of your mobile plan.1 And you continue to customize and adjust your mobile plan each month, so you only pay for what you really need.2


Receive your phone, and set it up.

Any delivery update or important information will be sent to you via email.3 Once your phone has arrived, you just need to set it up:

- New to Fizz mobile services? We’ll guide you so you activate your Fizz SIM card with the best mobile plan for you.

- Your new phone is replacing one with an active Fizz plan? The Fizz SIM card you’re already using will do all the work for you (or almost).


The warranty.

A phone that is bought new is covered by the 12-month manufacturer warranty. Preloved phones are covered by Fizz for a period of 6 months.4


Our 15-day return policy.

Changed your mind? No sweat. That’s why we have a worry-free return policy.4


Time to live the Fizz experience, and what a great start with your purchase: buying a phone online with Fizz will give you a nice loot of points that will speed up your progress in the My Reward program. Hello upgrades and perks.5 

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No worries, we've got you covered. 

A section dedicated to the purchase of a phone is now online in our Solution Hub, just for you. There, you’ll find practical information and insightful answers about our 100% digital offer for the purchase of phones. 

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