My Rewards Program

Members are rewarded for the little things they do. 

The longer you stay, the more rewards you’ll earn — so make yourself at home.1


How it works:

The moment you become a member, you’ll automatically begin earning points with My Rewards.

Accumulate points and earn rewards just for being an active member of the Fizz community. The more active you are the more you get back. You’ll be notified every time you earn a reward.


Getting rewarded is easy.

If only real life was this rewarding.


My Upgrades

As a member, you’re always accumulating points which will boost you up through the levels. Each time you reach a new level, you earn a Bonus. That bonus will become a permanent addition to your plan. If you receive a 1 GB per month Bonus, that’s yours to keep.


My Perks

Don’t be surprised if Fizz sends you a little gift now and then. For example, you may get unlimited data on your birthday or a discount with one of our retail partners. Unlike a Bonus, a Perk can only be used once.


My Badges

Badges are how we celebrate your milestones as a Fizz member. Every Badge is worth points so it will help earn you a Perk or an Upgrade.

Discover the benefizz.

Data rollover

Instead of losing your unused data at the end of every month, any data that’s left will automatically be rolled over into the next month.2

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Data Gifting

If you’ve got more data or rewards that you know what to do with, gift some to another member and make them smile.3

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Invite your friends

Community is important to us and friendship is always a win-win. Each time you invite a friend to join Fizz, you both earn a $25 referral bonus.4

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