Fizz loyalty program: My Rewards

You'll get rewarded from day one.

Unlock your first reward the second your mobile or Home Internet plan is live. Watch your savings flourish with more and even sweeter rewards along your Fizz journey.1


Switch to Fizz How rewards work

Dollars rain
Dollars rain


Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Our rewards add value to your plan, so you save month after month.1



Dollars off the price of your plan, month after month2


Free data added to your mobile plan every month2


Exclusive offers with other neat brands4


Getting started is easy-peasy.


Create your Fizz account.

Activate a mobile or Home Internet plan.

Activate your first reward.1

How it works

Level 4 Level 4 Lev Lev Level 3 Level 3 Level 2 Level 2 Level 1 500 MB of mobile data

1. Achieve

Every dollar of your monthly payment to Fizz earns you 10 My Rewards points. But many things you do throughout your Fizz journey will earn you extra points.1 Here are some examples.

Invite a friend

A friend who uses your referral code when activating their first Fizz plan earns you a referral bonus and yes, points.5

Gifting mobile data

Fizz members can help one another by gifting some of their monthly mobile data. And this act of kindness earns you points.6

Try everything Fizz

Buying a phone, getting an Add-on, adding funds to your Fizz wallet. Exploring everything Fizz earns you points.

2. Accumulate

The number of points in your account dictates your progress through the levels of our loyalty program.1 But we have badges as well.



The more points you collect, the higher your level in the program (and the sweeter the rewards).



Specific actions will earn you a badge, and extra points. See which badges are up next in your account.

3. Activate 

Rewards in our loyalty program are assigned as upgrades and perks. Activate them on your plan and enjoy.1



Once activated on your plan, an upgrade automatically rewards you every month. Some examples? Free mobile data or dollars off your monthly plan.2



Perks are surprises here and there. They are single use like say, a bucket of 5 GB of free mobile data or a nice discount on your first month of Home Internet.3

4. Level up 

As you level up, the upgrades for your plan get sweeter. Plus, you get to combine and activate multiple upgrades at the same time as early as level 3.1

Mobile upgrade
(every month)
Internet upgrade
(every month)
Number of upgrades applicable
(per month)
Level 1
0-1499 250 MB extra 1$ off 1
Level 2
1500-4499 500 MB extra 2$ off 1
Level 3
4500-8999 250 MB extra   2
Level 4
9000-14999 1$ rebate 2$ off 2
Level 5
15000-22499 250 MB extra   3
Level 6
22500-31499 500 MB extra 2$ off 3
Level 7
31500-41999 1$ rebate 2$ off 3
Level 8
42000-53999 1 GB extra 1$ off 3
Level 9
54000-67499 1$ rebate 2$ off 3
Level 10
67500 1$ rebate 2$ off 3


Switch to Fizz to start earning points.1

Internet plans

Unlimited and truly all-inclusive, with the Wi-Fi modem and its delivery included.

Internet plans

Mobile plans

Unused data is never lost with data rollover, plus Fizz members can gift each other data.6,7

Mobile plans

Activate your first reward.1

No minimum plan required and always free delivery no matter which phone you choose.8