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The benefizz are just too good to pass up.

Bring your own phone and start enjoying a personalized and rewarding mobile service.

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always fair

Enjoy highly competitive rates.

Forget the need to negotiate your plan or hunt down the latest promo. Fizz offers you a smart way to manage your mobile expenses: you decide what you want, and what you don’t want. It’s your plan so you’re in charge and don’t pay for stuff you don’t need. Don’t need to talk? Take a plan with data only. As simple as that.

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fair price
fair price

100% digital

You're flexible, we're flexible.

Fizz is 100% online. Which means you subscribe, modify, redeem rewards, refer friends, modify again... whenever you want, wherever you need, in just a few seconds. Fizz is right there with you.

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Bring your own device

Got a phone? You're good to go.

Now that all phones can be unlocked, you’re free to use whatever device you’ve got. Keeping your number and switching companies couldn’t be more straightforward.1

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Lightning-quick LTE network, everywhere

On our fast and reliable network you can browse and download at speeds of up to 150Mbps, depending on your device and where you are.2

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no long term


No fixed-term

Forget about contracts and penalties for leaving. We want you to be here for the right reasons.

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Change is good

Opt for one-off Add-ons or change your plan’s services. Our service is flexible because life can be unpredictable. Create your own plan and change it in just a few clicks.3

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No more unexpected bills

If you're about to reach your data limit, you get to choose what happens next: buy an Add-on, pay as you go with your Fizz Wallet or go happy Wi-Fi hunting. No sad surprises, only fun ones.

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Overflowing with benefizz

Our members are constantly being rewarded. 
Here are some of our favourites.

Data Rollover

You don't throw away your phone at the end of the month, why would you throw out your data? Finally, you don't have to. Any data you didn’t use will be rolled over to the next month.4

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My Rewards Program

Get rewarded for being a member, helping other members or recommending new ones. We’re just looking for excuses to spoil you.5

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Data Gifting

If you’ve got more data or rewards than you know what to do with, gift some to another member and make them smile.6

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Invite your friends

Community is important to us and friendship is always a win-win. Each time you invite a friend to join Fizz, you can both earn a $25 referral bonus.7

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Let's do this

It’s silly to keep wasting your time and money when joining Fizz is this easy.   

You're in good hands

Our service is designed so that members of the Fizz community can help themselves and each other instantly, and avoid wait-times. The Solution Hub is literally a goldmine at your fingertips, with answers to your questions as well as useful information.

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good hands
good hands