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with My Rewards.

The moment you become a member, your My Rewards points start to grow with every dollar you spend and many of the actions you take.1 Subscribed to both mobile and Home Internet? Buckle up. Your rewards will add up even faster.

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When you invite a friend to join Fizz, you both earn a $25 referral bonus2, applied as a reduction on your upcoming Fizz payments. The more friends you invite, the more you can save.

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Change your Home Internet plan. Change your mobile plan (or adjust it with Add-ons). Our service is flexible because life can be unpredictable.3

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Forget about contracts and penalties for leaving. We want you to be here for the right reasons.


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Our unlimited Home Internet plans are all-inclusive and our mobile plans fully customizable. No more surprise fees, just peace of mind.

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With Fizz, everything happens online. Our services and the tools we offer are simple and easy to use so members can make their way on their own. If you get stuck along the way, don’t hesitate to chat with our Customer Service team.

Create your perfect mobile plan. No joke.

Got a phone? Keeping your number and switching companies couldn’t be more straightforward.4
Need a phone? Whether it’s new or Preloved, find the best Fizz phone to buy for yourself (and your budget). 

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LTE network.

Browse and download as fast on our reliable network as fast as 150 Mbps, depending on where you are and what device you’re on.5

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Why would you throw out your unused mobile data at the end of the month? With Fizz, any unused mobile data will be rolled over to the next month.6

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Gift it.

There’s no pressure to use your extra mobile data or perks. Simply gift it to another member and make them smile.7

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Enjoy that beautiful thing called the internet with our Home Internet service.

95% of current Fizz Home Internet members report being happy with their service.8,9 You’ll see. You’ll be smiling too.

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Fizz Home Internet was designed with simplicity in mind. From installation to network management, you’ll be able to do everything yourself with ease.

unlimited data


Never stress out about data overage fees. With Fizz, your Home Internet plan is unlimited.


Truly all-inclusive

The Fizz Wi-Fi modem, and its delivery, are included. Plus, there are no installation fees or overage charges.10

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No worries, we got you covered.

Head to the Solution Hub for a ton of helpful information, and answers to all your questions.

If you’re stuck, visit the Community Hub, where Fizz community members share tips and tricks.

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