I would like to add or relocate an outlet. How do I do this?

Sometimes your cable outlet isn’t placed exactly where you want it. Or maybe your outlet is no longer functioning. To add or relocate a cable outlet, simply make an appointment for a technician to visit your service address.


Note: Instal the first outlet (or relocate the existing one) is free of charge for your first technician appointment. If you need to relocate or add more than one outlet, there will be a $60 fee. This fee is charged per visit, not per outlet.  


How to book an appointment to have an outlet relocated:

  1. You just subscribed. A technician needs to check/configure your connection and deliver your Wi-Fi modem, he will then relocate your outlet during the installation visit. See: Home Internet Subscription
  2. You are already installed with Fizz home Internet: you must contact our Customer Service team, simply log into your Fizz account and click on the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of this page during our business hours.


Important: There must be a person over 18 years old present at the time of all technician appointments.