Did you know? The LTE network might be the only network available in certain locations in the United States. Understand what this means.

Bring your plan along in Canada and the United States.

Do the math.

Changing your plan's coverage might be cheaper than buying Add-ons.

Planning is key.

Change your plan before the end of your payment cycle that precedes your departure.1

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Travel add-ons for the United States.

A simple, easy and affordable way to stay connected while you’re on location, in the United States.

$15 for 10 GB

Also available:
$8 $5 for 1 GB, and $10 $8 for 2 GB.

$5 for 200 texts

Incoming texts are always free.

$3 for 60 minutes

Minutes to make and receive calls.

Activated as soon as you buy it.

Your Travel add-on will be added to your account on the spot, regardless of the number of days left in your payment cycle. It’ll remain valid during that cycle, plus your following payment cycle.

Buy a Travel add-on



Going abroad?

Fizz has your back in more than 200 countries around the world.2 Pay a fixed price for a block of data; if you use it up faster than expected, you can always buy another one. And if your trip gets extended, your Travel Add-on won’t let you down, It’s valid throughout your current payment cycle and the next one.

What's your destination?

How it works:

Choosing your Travel add-on.

Travel add-ons cover several countries. Search for the country that will be your main destination and the right Add-on with the right zone will pop up.

Track your usage.

Check the balance left of your Add-on in real-time. You can then reduce your usage or plan the purchase of another Add-on if required.





Quick answers to popular questions.

No. If you have funds in your Fizz wallet, pay-per-use rates will apply automatically. And know that if you’re travelling in Canada or the United States, changing the coverage of your plan is another terrific option.

Time to go hunting for a Wi-Fi network so you can access your Fizz account and get another Travel Add-on.

Once you entered your destination and see the prices, click on Learn more about this zone.

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