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Cell phone plans in Manitoba

Different from every angle.
A wind of change is blowing through Manitoba with Fizz. Customize your mobile plan with everything you want, and nothing you don’t.1 It's your plan, and you’re the boss.


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Create your Fizz account.

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Customize your mobile plan and activate your SIM card.

We like to be different.

Data rollover

Instead of losing it forever, the mobile data you don’t use is automatically transferred to the next month.2.

How it works

Data gifting

Fizz members can gift each other mobile data. If you ever run out, the Fizz community will back you up.3

Discover how

Free data

My Rewards, our loyalty program, has great rewards in store for you, including free data on your first day.4

The rewards

Flexible plans

There’s no fixed-term contract, so you get to change your plan yourself, directly in your account.5

How it works

Our network at your service.

No matter where the road takes you across the country, go up and about knowing excellent service will follow.6

And thanks to our ongoing expansion in Canada, this map will evolve quickly as a growing number of regions will be added to our subscription area.

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Questions? We have answers.


Fizz is in a BETA test period for its mobile services in certain eligible regions.1 Read up on all the details, including the BETA price privilege, right here

Don’t worry and come back to check because things will evolve quickly as a growing number of regions will be added to our subscription area. Planning our Canada-wide expansion in phases allows us to make sure that the different aspects of our mobile service are good to go on a smaller scale before going all out. Kinda like you wouldn't triple a cooking recipe the first time around.

Standard shipping usually takes 2 to 5 business days.

Your phone must be compatible with Fizz, as well as VoLTE certified on the Fizz network. Check your phone here.

Activate your first Fizz plan using a referral code and you’ll get a $25 bonus.8 Once you’re a member, you’ll have your very own referral code to share. Any new member who uses it to activate their first Fizz plan will earn you both a referral bonus. Cha-ching.

That’s up to you. There are no end dates at Fizz, meaning you can keep your plan for as long as you want. Or, you can change it whenever you want.5 That’s the beauty of having no fixed-term contract.

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