Preloved phones.  

Our inventory of used phones includes a variety of brands, and is constantly being renewed.

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Why choose a Preloved phone?


To get a phone that’s almost new and a charger, without having to pay the full price.1,2


To enjoy the Fizz 6-month warranty. 3


To try it out stress free thanks to the 15-day return policy.4

Not all phones earn the Preloved status. 

The inspection of our Preloved phones is dictated by a rigorous process.

- Any phone with a defect such as a crack, a dent, a scratch on camera lenses or a display defect is rejected.
- The keys, the sound, the vibration and the battery are tested.2
- The phone’s functions are tested with a software for an in-depth validation that everything works fine.  
- The phone is restored to its factory settings and any personal data from the previous owner is carefully deleted. 
- Our technicians make sure there is no water damage, and check that the phone wasn’t stolen.  

Once our technicians are satisfied with a phone, it earns the status of a Fizz Preloved phone.2 After being cleaned, the phone is carefully packed along with a charger3 in one of our lovely boxes from where it will eagerly await its new owner.

Check out the criteria


Perfect or Almost perfect.
Which will you choose?

See the difference



An Perfect Preloved phone was previously used, but is practically new. We might see some negligible traces of wear if we look closely.


Almost perfect

An Almost perfect Preloved phone was previously used, but is in very good condition. We might see a few marks, and in some cases, minor scratches or traces of ligth wear. 

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