No long term contract

Custom phone plans that aren't set in stone.
Keep it

If you’re happy, we’re happy. We don’t do end dates, so you get to keep your plan and price for as long as you want.1

Change it 

See a better plan for your needs? A better price for your wallet? Go for it and make the change in your account.2 No need to ask us permission.

Choose my plan


It's your plan and you're the boss.

No negotiations.

Paying less without having to ask? Yes please. Any plan or price on our website is up for grabs for new and existing members alike.2 Fair and simple.

No end dates.

That means, well, no end date. Your plan, and its price, are yours until you decide to make a change, whether that’s in a month or 14.1

No time wasted.

Any change to your plan you do online, in your account, every month if you want to.2 No need to wait in line or on the phone. Easy peasy.




Texts Unlimited
Minutes Unlimited
International Calls
BETA price $20.00

Choose what you want in your mobile plan.

This way for Internet plans.

Benefizz that are just too good to pass up.

Free data and dollars off

My Rewards, our loyalty program, has great rewards in store for you to boost your plan and make you save.3

See how it works

Data rollover

Instead of losing it forever, the mobile data you don’t use is automatically transferred to the next month.4 No waste.

Understand rollovers

Data gifting

Fizz members can gift each other mobile data.5 If you ever run out, rest assured that the Fizz community will back you up.

Discover data gifting

Useful tips for some What ifs.

Log into your account at and change your plan. That new plan and its price will be yours come your next payment cycle.2

You can gift some of that extra data to another Fizz member.5 Or don’t do anything, and that unused data will automatically roll over and get added to your data for the next month.4

Change your plan to swap your coverage.2 But this needs to be done in advance. Make sure your trip is during your NEXT payment cycle so that change in coverage comes into effect in time. Using your plan will be less expensive than buying Travel Add-ons.