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Community is important to us and friendship is always a win-win. Each time you invite a friend to join Fizz, you both earn a $25 referral bonus.1


How it works:

When you activate your Fizz account you will receive a unique referral code.

Share this referral code with your friends - there is no limit on how many people you can refer. When one of your friends uses your referral code during their subscription, you will each receive a $25 referral bonus on their 2-month anniversary with Fizz.

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Data rollover

Instead of losing your unused data at the end of every month, any data that’s left will automatically be rolled over into the next month.2

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Data Gifting

If you’ve got more data or rewards than you know what to do with, gift some to another member and make them smile.3

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My Rewards

Get rewarded for being a member, helping other members or recommending new ones.4 We’re just looking for excuses to spoil you.

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