Privacy policy

Fizz knows that the security and confidentiality of your personal information are important to you. We have therefore established responsible and transparent practices governing the collection, use, retention, disclosure and protection of your information.

They are based on 10 core principles:





1. We are responsible for your data

Fizz is responsible for the personal information you freely provide, including any information we pass on to third parties in order to serve you. If you have any questions about your file, please contact our Chief Privacy Officer at [email protected].


2. We use your information to serve you better

We need your personal information to provide you with the services you have selected. It can also help us understand your consumption habits and offer you new products and services. We keep you informed of the use we make of your information.


3. We need your consent

Fizz and its agents (companies that provide us with services) always ask for your authorization before collecting, using or disclosing your personal information, except in exceptional circumstances (e.g. emergencies in which your life, health or safety are at risk) or as required by law.


4. We collect limited information

We collect only the information that is strictly necessary for the delivery of our products and services. It may include your name; address; phone number; credit, billing and equipment records; and complaints.


5. We keep your information for only as long as necessary

Fizz retains customer information only while it is needed, or as required by law. It is then destroyed or reduced to statistical data that cannot be traced to any individual.


6. We protect your personal information

We do everything necessary to protect your personal information. Only Fizz will retain your information.


7. You have access to all your personal information

Just send a written request to [email protected]. After confirming your identity, Fizz will promptly provide you with a list of the personal information in your file in accordance with applicable laws, at little or no cost.


8. We give your comments and complaints priority treatment

A Chief Privacy Officer has been named to oversee compliance with Fizz's Privacy Policy. If you feel Fizz has not followed its policies, you may file a complaint here. You may also file a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada or Québec’s Commission d’accès à l’information.


9. We don’t sell your information

We do not sell any personal information about our customers to other organizations. Only Fizz's agents are authorized to use your information, and only as necessary to provide you with our products and services.


10. Your consent is up to you

You may withdraw your initial consent to let Fizz collect and use your personal information, subject to restrictions imposed by law or your Fizz contract.

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