Be advised. It is possible that only the LTE network is available in the United States. Understand what this means.

Your choice of coverage.

With Fizz, you can adjust your coverage from month to month based on your needs.1 We’re flexible like that.

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If you’re planning to use your mobile services mostly within the province, best to save by choosing the Quebec coverage.

Perfect choice of coverage if you often find yourself calling or texting across Canada or if you’re planning a trip somewhere in the country.

Did you know? Even for a short trip south of the border, changing the coverage of your plan will most likely be cheaper than buying a Travel Add-on.


Check out our coverage.

Wherever you go, your mobile services will follow. Enjoy reliable coast to coast coverage, and benefit from agreements with our national and international partners.2

Subscription area

If you live in this area, you can subscribe to Fizz mobile services. The majority of your usage must be done within the subscription area, regardless of the coverage you choose for your plan.

Demystify the zones

Coverage area

The coverage area you choose for your plan determines where you can use your service. It includes the subscription area in green where the majority of your usage must be done, plus the coverage area in pink provided by partner networks (Fizz EXT).2

Understand partner networks

Fizz follows you wherever you go, including on your trips.

Our Travel Add-ons will give you peace of mind during your travels; each is valid throughout your current payment cycle and the next one. Or, pay as you go to keep enjoying your services abroad. Fizz has everything you need to fully appreciate your vacation.2

Travel Add-ons


Any questions?

Visit the FAQ. You’ll find useful answers to frequently asked questions.

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