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Any access of 100 Mbps or more is subject to the traffic management policy.2

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for your home sweet home.

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Don’t fear hidden fees — the Wi-Fi modem is included, there are no shipping or installation fees and you never pay overage charges.3


Fizz Home Internet was designed with simplicity in mind. From installation to network management, you’ll be able to do everything yourself with ease.

You’ll be spoiled with
My Rewards.

The moment you become a member, your My Rewards points start to grow with every dollar you spend and many of the actions you take.4

Bonuses to pay for your plan.

Activate your first Fizz plan using the referral code of a friend and you'll both earn a $25 bonus.5 Already a member? Use your own code to invite friends and save.

Always pay a fair price.

With Fizz, you can always change your plan.6 And once you have the price you like for your plan, it’s yours.7 No expiration dates, no countdowns.

Discover our unique philosophy


One Wi-Fi modem
to rule them all.

The Fizz Wi-Fi modem is also a router. It’s quick to install and it’ll optimize your Wi-Fi across all your devices, providing a seamless online experience. Just plug, and play.


An app that makes
it all easy.

The Fizz Wi-Fi app will be your new best friend. A quick tap makes you the master of your network. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.8

You’re in good hands.

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