Internet comes to Fizz.

Time to bring home the fun.



All our plans are unlimited,
with no hidden fees.

Your biggest dilemma will be which download speed to choose.1


Wi-Fi modem included
no shipping fees

No shipping and installation fees2
no overage

No overage charges

One Wi-Fi modem to rule them all.

The Fizz Wi-Fi modem is also a router. It’s quick to install and even quicker to optimize your Wi-Fi across all your devices for a seamless online experience. 

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Tons of benefizz for our members.


wifi app

Become the Chief Wi-Fi Officer

The Fizz Wi-Fi app is your new best friend.
A quick tap makes you the master of your modem. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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Invite your friends

Invite your friends

At Fizz, friendship is always win-win.
Each time you invite a friend to join our community, you’ll both earn a $25 referral bonus3.

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Bring in the rewards

Bring in the rewards

As a member, the longer you stay, the more you earn rewards for lots of little things.Imagine getting dollars off the monthly price of your Home Internet plan. Yup, it pays to stick with Fizz.

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No long term contract

No long term contract

Who wants to be chained to a contract? We want you to stay because you’re happy.

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You’ll find the answers to your questions and other helpful information in the Solution Hub. You can also post questions and share tips and tricks with other members in the Community Hub.

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Never Alone
Never Alone