Good neighbours always save the day. 

Ever ran out of milk for example, and one of your neighbours kindly helped you out? That’s the kind of kindness that inspired data sharing among the Fizz community. Whether it’s a close friend or a friendly stranger, whoever receives your data will be grateful.1

Ask for, or gift data 

Gift data to help out.

With the Fizz data gifting campaigns, the good deed of members leads to another. So far, a grand total of $100,000 has been donated to the following organizations thanks to the generosity of our members. 

Regroupement partage  Sun Youth  Tel-jeunes



How to gift data:

  1. In your Fizz account, go under My plans, spot your plan and click on Gift. 
    Log in 
  2. Choose the lucky person who’ll benefit from your generosity and determine how much data to gift them. 
    Find a member to offer my data 
  3. Personnalize your message and click on Send. Bingo. Your good deed for the day is done. 

How to gift data


A few questions, and their answers.

Yes, so long as it's before the end of your payment cycle, you can gift your data in blocks of 500 MB.

Oh no, it’s too late now. Once your cycle is over, your unused data is rolled over to the next month. You can no longer gift any of it.

Any Fizz member can receive your data, so long as their plan includes data.

Ask them their referral code. To see their code, the member must go into their account under My settings > Invite friends.

More questions? We have more answers.

Data gifting 101

Need help
Need help

Discover the benefizz.

Data rollover

Instead of losing your unused data at the end of every month, any leftover mobile data will be automatically rolled over to the next month.2

When to expect a rollover

My Rewards

At Fizz, you’re rewarded for all the little things you do. Subscribed to both mobile and Home Internet? Buckle up. Your rewards will add up even faster.3

Discover the magic

Invite your friends to save.

When you invite a friend to join Fizz, you both earn a $50 referral bonus.4 The more friends you invite, the more you can save.

How to invite a friend

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