I’m moving. How do I change my address for my Home Internet service?

Moving your Home Internet plan is done directly from your account. Submit your request under

My plans > Manage plan > Moving my service.


Word of the wise, don’t forget to pack your Fizz Wi-Fi modem and bring it with you on your moving day!

Need to change your Home Internet plan? No worries, but plan to do so before or after your move. You cannot modify your Home Internet plan during your move.

  1. Date coordination

    Chances are the date you choose to deactivate your Home Internet service at your current address will differ from the installation date you select for your new digs.

    If that’s your case, no worries. Your plan will be simply put on pause, and you won't incur any fees during that time. Your payment cycle will shift and begin upon activation at your new address.

  1. A plan (or the service) is not available

    As you fill out your move request for your Home Internet plan, we’ll obviously ask you to enter your new address. One of three things can happen:


    > All is fine.

    This is great, but chances are this is not your case if you’re reading this section of our FAQ.


    > The download speed you have now is not available at your new address. 

    Perhaps you are moving from an area with high bandwidth to one with lower bandwidth, which impacts the download speeds available to you. Choose a new plan. On the activation date of your new plan at your new address, your old plan will be refunded to you on a prorated basis.

     > Fizz Home Internet is not available at your new address.

    This is where we must unfortunately part ways. Fizz Home Internet is not yet available everywhere. It’s currently available to many residential addresses in Quebec and Ontario. In time, the service will become available to a growing number of postal codes.

  1. The installation of your modem

    Good to know: regardless of the installation option you choose, don’t forget to pack up and bring your Fizz Wi-Fi modem to your new address.  


    With the Auto-installation option, you will reinstall your modem yourself thanks to the easy-to-follow instructions. Your plan will be reactivated at your new address on the date you chose in your moving request.  

    How to install my modem 


    If you have an appointment with a technician, they will be completing the installation of your Wi-Fi modem, and will configure both your connection and Wi-Fi network at your new address on the day of your appointment.   

    See, reschedule or cancel my appointment 


  1. To change my move request

    Life is full of surprises, we know that. To reschedule the dates of your move order or cancel it, go into your account under My plans > Manage plan > Appointments.