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I’m moving. How do I change my address for my Home Internet service?

Note: the steps here below will be replaced during the month of july by a simpler process. In the meantime, please move your Fizz Home Internet servic
Create a new Home Internet plan using your new address, 1, Create a new Home Internet plan using your new service address: Log into your Fizz account.. On the Overview page, click on Add a pla
Cancel the plan associated to your old address, 2, Once your new Home Internet plan has been activated at your new address, unsubscribe from the plan associated to your previous address. This way, you
Frequent questions and answers, 3, If I create a new plan at my new address, will the price of my Home Internet plan change? If you initially subscribed on or after March 13, 2019, s

I participated in the mobile beta launch. What's next?

How do I know if I am getting the benefits associated with being a beta tester?, 1, Check the price of your plan in your Fizz account; that price will tell you whether or not you are enjoying preferential beta prices (between $1.
How long will my beta period last?, 2, Your plan will remain at its beta price throughout your beta period, which is now at five (5) months, as opposed to the initial three (3) we had promi
What will happen at the end of my beta period?, 3, Once those five (5) months are over, your plan will automatically migrate to the introductory prices that are currently offered. The date at which the

How do I change my plan?

You can change your plan as often and as much as you like. All plan changes will take effect at the start of your next payment cycle. Important –
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How do I change my mobile plan?

You can log into your account any time to change your plan details. Any plan change you make will take effect at the beginning of your next payment cy
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How do I make an international call when I am in my coverage area?

To make an international call, you have different options depending on your needs. Whatever option you choose for your international calls, know th
International Calls Option, 1, If you make international calls every month: add the International calls option to your plan. You get each month a fixed number of minutes to make
International Calls Add-on, 2, If you make international calls occasionally: use the International Calls Add-on. The International calls Add-Ons are useful if you need to  m
Use the pay as you go, 3, To make international calls without changing your mobile plan nor buying Add-ons: use pay as you go. By adding funds to your wallet, you’ll be able
What is the cost when I call international from my coverage zone?, 4, You have all the costs of our Add-on and Pay as You Go in your Fizz account : Connect to your Fizz account In My plans, Manage
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