Manage my mobile plan

A bit of guidance to easily manage your plan, your Add-ons, your data gifting and much more.



How do I reactivate my Fizz plan?

We’ve been waiting with baited breath for you to come back (We knew you’d return to us for all those tasty Rewards and our easy, flexible mobile plans
Do you already have a SIM card?, J’ai ma carte SIM, How to reactivate your Fizz account when you have a SIM card: Go to the Reactivate page and log into your account. Review or adjust your plan
Do you need a new SIM card?, Nouvelle carte SIM, If you lost your phone or no longer have the SIM card you used before, you will need to order a new Fizz SIM card. How to order a new SIM card:
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How do I change my plan?

You can change your plan as often and as much as you like. All plan changes will take effect at the start of your next payment cycle. Important –
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How do I change the types of emails and texts I receive from Fizz?

Via your Profile, you can choose what kind of communication you wish to receive from Fizz, and specify whether you want to receive communication via e
Account communication preferences, Communication du compte, Defines the type of communication you will receive at the account level — for example, messages about payment, My Rewards, and about multiple users th
Plan communication preferences, Préférences de communication, Defines the type of communication you will receive about your specific mobile plan — for example, updates and alerts on usage, data and roaming.