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I’m moving. How do I change my address for my Home Internet service?

Log into your Fizz account and click on My plans. Select your internet plan and click on Manage my plan. Click on Moving my service. Follow the instructions. You’ll have to: validate the availability of the Fizz Home Internet service at your new address; confirm your new plan; schedule your installation appointment at your new address; confirm your deactivation date at your current address. Don’t forget to bring your Fizz Wi-Fi modem with you at your new service address. I’m trying to choose my new plan for my new address, and I am told that Fizz Home Internet is not available. What do I do? Fizz Home Internet is not yet available everywhere. It’s currently available to many residential addresses in Quebec and Ontario. In time, the service will become available to a growing number of postal codes. The internet connection of a provider other than Fizz is still active at my new address. What do I do? If the person currently living in your new address is subscribed to a Fizz competitor, it is their responsibility to move their plan or unsubscribe. You can proceed with moving your Fizz plan to this address without worrying about whether they have initiated a move with their provider. A Fizz internet connection is still active at my new address. What do I do? If the person currently living at your new address is a Fizz member, it’ll be impossible to process your request for a Home Internet plan at this address. You’ll have to wait for that person to deactivate their own plan. I’m trying to select my plan for my new address, and I can’t select the speed I want. Why? Not all internet connections are created equal. You may end up moving from an area with high bandwidth to one

What is the difference between my home address, billing address and shipping address?

Each type of address — home, billing and shipping — has a different role in your Fizz account: Your home address Your home address is where you live. It is the address that will be linked to your Fizz plan to ensure that you live within our mobile subscription area. Learn more about our coverage area Your billing address Your billing address is the adress requested when you add a new payment method. The address you associate with your credit card must be the same as you gave to your bank to be accepted. Your shipping address Your shipping address is the address where you would like to receive deliveries. If you are away from home during the day, you may prefer to have your SIM or other hardware delivered to your workplace. The shipping adress should be in the subscription area. We do not ship to PO Boxes. Please use the street address for your home or workplace as the shipping address for your SIM card. Read more: How do I change my personal information (name, email, billing address, shipping address)?Fizz Coverage area and Fizz Subscription area