How do I fix a payment issue?

Is your credit card expired?

You can update your credit card or other payment information any time. To prevent overdue payment, the update must take place 24 hours before the start of your plan’s next payment cycle to ensure your account is updated in time for your next payment.

To update your payment method  Go to My Plans in your account. Click on Manage > Payment method.

You must add a new credit card before removing an old credit card from your account.

Was your payment rejected?
  1. If your credit card payment was rejected, you have until 10:00 p.m. on the first day of your next payment cycle to pay the amount due or your service may be suspended.
  2. You will have a 7-day grace period after the start of your next payment cycle package to keep unused data and rewards in your mobile plan.
  3. After this 7-day grace period your SIM card can be disabled and your phone number made available to other Fizz customers. You will also lose any Fizz rewards.

This process occurs automatically; you will receive automated reminders. To fix this situation, contact customer service via chat.

 Chat with customer service

When your plan is canceled due to a payment failure, the associated phone number is lost and can not be transferred — even during the period when your plan is suspended due to non-payment. It is therefore VERY important: if you want to keep your phone number you must pay your outstanding balance.

If you have a complaint following the loss of a phone number: Know that the phone number is kept 60 days after deactivation, therefore if you reactivate the plan you’ll be able to recover it.


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