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How to test my Fizz line?

Four easy tests to confirm your Fizz line is functioning properly:
Make and receive a call., 1, Doesn’t work?  
Send and receive a text message (SMS)., 2, Doesn’t work?
If your plan contains data, turn off your Wi-Fi option and then:
Surf the web., 3, Doesn’t work?  
Send and receive an image/picture by text (MMS)., 4, Doesn’t work?
Once these tests are completed, you’ll be ready to roll with Fizz line and your brand new mobile plan.   IMPORTANT If you transferred your

I participated in the mobile beta launch. What's next?

How do I know if I am getting the benefits associated with being a beta tester?, 1, Check the price of your plan in your Fizz account; that price will tell you whether or not you are enjoying preferential beta prices (between $1.
How long will my beta period last?, 2, Your plan will remain at its beta price throughout your beta period, which is now at five (5) months, as opposed to the initial three (3) we had promi
What will happen at the end of my beta period?, 3, Once those five (5) months are over, your plan will automatically migrate to the introductory prices that are currently offered. The date at which the
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    How do I get my mobile data to function at its full extent?

    Since the day I've signed up with Fizz, the only thing I can do with mobile data is connect to messenger. My phone is connected to the mobile data network, but I am completely unable to use mobile data for Spotify, browsing the internet, or literally anything else. All my apps indicate that I am connected, but all they do is continually try to load, and nothing loads. I have switched mobile data on and off, I have reset my phone, I have disabled wifi. I have tried reinstalling my apps and the issue persists. I have spent hours trying to load anything with mobile data, and literally the only thing that works is facebook messenger. How do I fix this?

    Which Backbone Internet service behind Fizz mobile?is it VideoTron or Bell or some Major Provider?

    Hi, Which Backbone Internet service behind Fizz mobile?is it VideoTron or Bell or some Major Provider?

    Transferring a secondary mobile line to a new account?

    Is it possible to transfer a secondary mobile line under my current account to a new separate account, without losing the phone number? If so can someone guide me on how to achieve this? Thank you. Jay