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How do I use Pay As You Go?

How you activate Pay As You Go depends on whether you’ll be using it for usage inside or outside Canada:
Inside Canada, 1, To use Pay As You go for data, calls or international calls when inside your coverage area:
Outside your coverage zone, 2, To use Pay As You go for data, calls, text and international calls for roaming outside your coverage zone:
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What can I do with my Wallet?

The funds in your Wallet can be used to pay for:
Pay As You Go, 1, Pay As You Go: minutes, texts, minutes for international calls and roaming
Roaming, 2, If you travel outside Canada and do not buy a Travel Add-On, you can use your Wallet to pay for roaming in your selected Travel Zone.
Overage, 3, If you deplete your plan before the end of your payment cycle, funds in your Wallet will automatically be used to pay for your usage.
Funds transfer, 4, If you have multiple plans on your account, you can use your Wallet to transfer funds from one plan to another plan on your account.
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    remove a credit card?

    i can't remove my credit card even if i added an other to the methode paiement ?

    Outrageous!!! I am blocked without any warning in advance!!!

    This is my child's account. I am talking in this account because my own account is blocked. I received a wired email this afternoon, and at the same time, my account is blocked. I cannot make phone calls, and cannot logon the web site. This is no notice in advance. Here is the email: Bonjour, Nous constatons que la dernière transaction de paiement pour votre forfait Fizz ait été refusée par votre banque. Soyez avisé que nous analysons présentement cette situation et que nous nous réservons le droit de suspendre votre compte sans autre préavis si nous jugeons que cette mesure est nécessaire afin de protéger le détenteur de la carte de crédit. L’équipe Fizz Hello, We notice that the last payment transaction for your Fizz plan has been rejected by your bank. Be advised we are currently analyzing the situation, and that we reserve the right to suspend your account, without any other prior notice, if we deem it necessary to protect the credit card holder. The Fizz team

    Transfer Home Internet to another account under the same address.

    I currently have the Home Internet set up at my home. However, I would like to have the paiements on another account so that another relative can take care of it. How do I do that?