Keeping your Fizz mobile costs down

Surprised? Don’t be.We’ve been fair and transparent with you since our launch, and we plan on keeping it that way.

We want what’s best for you, and your wallet. Without a fixed-term contract that tie you to your Fizz mobile plan,you have control, and can adjust your plan at any time so you only pay for what you need. There’s also data rollover, gifting,the My Rewards program…

Let’s get everything Fizz working for you, shall we?

  1. Take advantage of rolled over data.

    Data rollover is worth its weight in gold—unused data from one month rolls over to the next. You know what that means, right? You can adjust your mobile plan to pay for less data. 

    How to check if I have a rollover 



  1. Activate your upgrades.

    Thanks to your upgrades from the My Reward Program, you have the opportunity to boost the value of your plan every month. Activating an upgrade for free mobile data each month for example, means you could decrease the data you actually pay for in your mobile plan.  

    How to activate an upgrade 



  1. Check if you have perks.

    Your perks are single-use items offered as part of the My Rewards program—for example, 500 MB of mobile data valid for 30 days once activated. You can choose to apply all your perks at once, or spread them out. Then, adjust your plan to save precious dollars. 

    How to apply a perk 



  1. Data gifting is always appreciated.

    Think of data gifting as an easy Fizz way to help others out. You can receive extra data other members are not planning on using. Or perhaps it’s you who can spread some joy, and help someone save on their mobile spent. 

    How data gifting works 



  1. Analyze your plan.

    Figure out what you really need in your mobile plan by asking yourself a few questions:  

    • Do you actually need calling minutes? 
    • Is going without text messages something to consider (knowing all incoming texts are free)? 
    • Can you reduce your plan coverage? 
    • Do you really need mobile data, or can you use your home Wi-Fi? 
    • If you need mobile data, can you reduce the amount of data you pay for each month thanks to data rollover, data gifting or  upgrades and perks from the My Rewards program? 

    The idea is to remove any superfluous stuff. Pay only for what you really need. Your plan is 100% customizable at all times. 

    How to change my plan 



  1. Go “à la carte”

    Adjust your plan to its bare minimum, and based on the state of your wallet, you can then buy Add-ons. Add-ons are blocks of minutes, text messages and/or mobile data, all are active immediately, and valid until the end of your next payment cycle. 

    How to buy an Add-on 



  1. Invite friends over to Fizz.

    The idea here is to get you all referral bonuses. A what, you say? A $25 reduction on the Fizz payments to come of your friends, and yourself (Hmm ... that does sound sexier than “referral bonus”).  

     Read up, and see whether Fizz is the right provider for folks around you. 

    Get the lowdown on referral bonuses 



  1. Consider a Fizz Home Internet access.

    Know from the get-go that we’re not trying to sell you something you don’t need. It’s just that even though there are no promotions such as bundle savings, you do come out a winner if you subscribe to both mobile and Home Internet services. Why? Because your rewards will add up. That means more dollars off the monthly price of your Home Internet plan for instance, or more free mobile data each month. 

    So if you’re using an internet access at home, do the math, and check whether Fizz Home Internet is something that would allow you to save some dough. 

    Explore Home Internet plans 

    Understand My Rewards