What is an Add-On and how do I buy one?

An Add-On is additional data, minutes, text or minutes for international calls that you can add onto your current monthly plan. Add-Ons are useful if you’re running low on monthly data or minutes, or if you want to add a feature, such as international calling, that’s not part of your current monthly plan.

Buy an Add-On when you need more data, minutes, text or minutes for international call coverage than your current monthly plan allows. Add-Ons take effect immediately.

If you selected the Quebec coverage in your plan, consider buying a Travel Add-on or an International call Add-on to make your calls to Canada or the United States.

How long does it take to activate an Add-On? How long does it last?

Add-Ons are active immediately. They’re valid until the end of your next payment cycle.

In other words, if there are 10 days left on your current payment cycle, your Add-On will be valid for approximately 40 days.

How do I buy an Add-On?

To buy an Add-On:

  1. Go to My Plans in your Fizz account.
  2. Here you’ll see a usage summary for all your Plans.
  3. Scroll to the Plan you are buying the Add-On for.
  4. Click Buy Add-On.
  5. Here you’ll see three options: Data, Calls/Text and International calls.
  6. Choose the type of Add-On you need and the desired amount.
  7. You can choose one Add-On per category (Data, Calls/Text, International calls).
  8. For international calls, enter the country you will visit and browse relevant Add-Ons.
  9. Choose your payment method, review your summary and click Submit.

Screenshot: My plans  Screenshot: Available Add-ons

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