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The ABCs of Fizz mobile services.

Good-to-know info about Fizz mobile services. Because no one can know everything about something, we tried to group interesting details about our mobile services. You know, those little details that just seem hidden somewhere? Well, here you go! Coverage Consult the interactive map Even if you live within our coverage area, that doesn’t mean you can subscribe to Fizz mobile services. You must live within the subscription area. The coverage area you choose determines the expanse of the calls and texts included in your plan. If you choose the Canada coverage for instance, you can make or receive calls anywhere in the country. But with a Quebec coverage, a call made or receive from Vancouver for example would not be included in your plan, and you’d have to buy a Travel Add-on. If you chose unlimited calls when creating your plan, you can make or receive as many calls as you like when you are within your coverage area. The Quebec coverage area also includes the Ottawa region. Hawaii and Alaska are included in the Canada + U.S. coverage area, but not Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico is included in the Latin America zone in the Add-ons). If you see FIZZ EXT as the network name on your phone, this means you are no longer on the Fizz network. You can use your Fizz mobile services thanks to our agreements with partner networks, but the majority of your usage, however, must be done within your subscription area (whatever your coverage area is). Learn more about the usage limits while on partner networks. Text messages Incoming texts are always free, whether you’re within your coverage area or not, and whether you opted for unlimited texts or not. Premium text messages are not supported by Fizz. As such, it’ll be impossible for you

Everyone pays a fair price every day.

At Fizz, we do things differently. Not only do we offer our members innovative game changing advantages (just think data rollover), but our pricing policy is also one of a kind: our prices are fair for everyone every day. What does “everyone pays a fair price every day” mean? Simple. 1. With Fizz, you can change your plan anytime. As a prepaid service provider, we don’t have fixed-term contracts that tie you or us to the price of a plan. In other words, we give you the opportunity to change your plan every month so you only pay for what you need (1). This way, as your needs evolve over months or even years, you’re not stuck with a plan that doesn’t fit. Fair, right? 2. With Fizz, there are no plan promotions. We don’t give preferential treatment to new members, and you don’t need to ask for it either. Instead, we make sure everyone pays a fair price at any point in time. 3. With Fizz, the more you stay, the more you benefizz. Isn’t it time you get rewarded for your loyalty? We surely think so. With our My Rewards program, you earn upgrades and perks that complement your plan month after month. Examples? You could save $1, $2, $3 or even more per month on the advertised price of your Home Internet plan. Or, enjoy 250, 500 or even 750 MB of free additional data for your mobile plan. It’s only fair that we make sure that the value you get for the money you spend with Fizz reflects, and increases, based on how long you’ve been with us. Does that mean that the price of my plan can go up? Sometimes the price could go up to align with fair market prices. But Fizz has your

Keeping your Fizz mobile costs down.

8 tricks to keep your Fizz mobile costs down. Surprised? Don’t be. We’ve been fair and transparent with you since our launch, and we plan on keeping it that way, especially during this pandemic period. We want what’s best for you, and your wallet. Fizz is among those businesses considered an essential service, and since everything happens online, our operations are luckily spared. Without a fixed-term contract that ties you to your Fizz mobile plan, you have control, and can adjust your plan at any time so you only pay for what you need. There’s also data rollover, gifting, the My Rewards program… Let’s get everything Fizz working for you, shall we? Take advantage of rolled over data. Data rollover is worth its weight in gold—unused data from one month rolls over to the next. You know what that means, right? You can adjust your mobile plan to pay for less data. How to check if I have a rollover Activate your upgrades. Thanks to your upgrades from the My Reward Program, you have the opportunity to boost the value of your plan every month. Activating an upgrade for free mobile data each month for example, means you could decrease the data you actually pay for in your mobile plan. How to activate an upgrade Check if you have perks. Your perks are single-use items offered as part of the My Rewards program—for example, 500 MB of mobile data valid for 30 days once activated. You can choose to apply all your perks at once, or spread them out. Then, adjust your plan to save precious dollars. How to apply a perk Data gifting is always appreciated. Think of data gifting as an easy Fizz way to help others out. You can receive extra data other members are not planning

How do I reactivate my Fizz plan?

We’ve been waiting with baited breath for you to come back (We knew you’d return to us for all those tasty Rewards and our easy, flexible mobile plans.) The process of reactivating your plan depends on whether you have a SIM card, or need to order a new one. Unless you transferred it to another mobile provider, you can reuse your Fizz phone number up to 60 days after unsubscribing, whether to reactivate your plan or to use it for another plan in your account. Do you already have a SIM card? How to reactivate your Fizz account when you have a SIM card: Go to the Reactivate page and log into your account. Review or adjust your plan details and click Confirm. Verify your phone number (if you are reactivating within 60 days) or select a new phone number. Learn more about changing your phone number Review your addresses and plan details, then click Submit. You go to the payment interface to pay for the first month of your new plan. Do you need a new SIM card? If you lost your phone or no longer have the SIM card you used before, you will need to order a new Fizz SIM card. How to order a new SIM card: Go to the Reactivate page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Order a new SIM card. Log into your Fizz account. Select a reason why you are ordering a new SIM card and click Next. Confirm your home, billing and shipping addresses and choose a shipping method*. Confirm your payment details and click Submit. * Depending on the shipping method you choose and the time of day you place your order, you will receive your SIM card within 2 hours or 2 days. Read more

What if I only want a data plan, without texts or minutes?

If you have a data-only plan, you can add funds to your Wallet so you can call or text when needed. This way, you will always be able to make (and receive) calls, as well as send texts — they will be Pay As You Go using the funds in your Wallet. Important: incoming texts are always free, but incoming calls are not. If you do not have minutes in your plan and no funds in your wallet, be aware that you will not be able to receive calls. Read more : How do I change my mobile plan?How do I create my plan?What kind of mobile plans do you offer?

How do I make an international call when I am in my coverage area?

To make an international call, you have different options depending on your needs. Whatever option you choose for your international calls, know that the rates are the same whether you are calling a landline or a mobile number. You also need to activate the International calls option of your plan. To do so: Go to My Plans in your Fizz account. If there is more than one plan on your account, scroll to the plan you wish to change. Click on Manage and choose Advanced parameters. Next to No International calls, slide the radio button to Off. International Calls Option If you make international calls every month: add the International calls option to your plan. You get each month a fixed number of minutes to make international calls from your coverage area to the country you select among our special rate list. You can only select one country at a time, but you can change it. If you do, that change will be effective when your next payment cycle begins. Important – any change to your plan must be made 48 hours before the end of your payment cycle. During those 48 hours, systems are frozen and no change can be made. You’ll therefore have to wait for the next payment cycle. Learning how to edit your mobile plan. If you can't find a specific country on our list, you’ll have to opt for an Add-on instead. International Calls Add-on If you make international calls occasionally: use the International Calls Add-on. The International calls Add-Ons are useful if you need to make international calls occasionally to countries not covered by your monthly plan. You can purchase as many International calls Add-ons as you need, based on which zones these countries are in.Learn about buying Add-Ons Pay as you go To