I’m travelling outside my coverage area. What are my options?

You can choose to get a block of data known as a Travel Add-on or pay as you go your data usage and your text messages (by the way, incoming texts are always free). You can even change your plan’s coverage if you’re travelling in Canada or the United States. But you know what? Wi-Fi always remains your best friend 😊.

Knowing which option is best for your travels will depend on how long you’ll be away, and how much you’ll be using your phone while roaming outside your coverage area. As a rule of thumb, a Travel Add-on will be better for long trips, while paying as you go will suffice for a quick getaway. But regardless of your choice remember to activate the roaming option of your phone, or else it'll block your usage.


  1. How much will it cost.

    To see the rates for the place you’re heading to, sign into your account and go under My plans > Manage plan > Travel. Enter your destination. The site will show the prices for the available Travel Add-ons, as well as the applicable pay as you go rates.

    Know that the prices and the rates that are shown apply to a zone. A zone is a group of countries that all share the same rates. In other words, if you’re travelling within the countries of that zone, you can use the same Travel Add-on or enjoy the same pay as you go rates. When you’re researching the rates for a destination in your account, the link to discover all the countries included in a given zone is under the pay as you go option.

  1. Choosing a Travel Add-On.

    As of now, only Travel Add-ons for data are offered. Travel Add-ons to make calls will be available at a later time.

    A Travel Add-on is basically a block of data at a fixed price that allows you to use your Fizz service while travelling outside your coverage area (roaming). Once purchased, you can use it immediately, and it will remain available until the end of your next payment cycle.

    To buy a Travel Add-on, sign into your account and go under My plans > Manage plan > Travel. Enter your destination and choose the one that suits you. Your Travel Add-on will be activated as soon as you pay for it. Should you run out, all you’ll have to do is hunt down a Wi-Fi network so you can access your account and get another one.  

    Having data available on your phone can be very useful. You’ll love that GPS for instance to find your way when you’re out and about, away from home. Actually, who are we kidding. We use GPS all the time, right?


  1. Choosing to pay as you go.

    If you’re not planning to use your phone that much while outside your coverage area, paying as you go while you are roaming may be a good option.

    To pay as you go, however, you must add funds in your Fizz wallet. To do so, sign into your account and look up the pay as you go rates for your destination under My plans > Manage plan > Travel. All the way at the bottom, you’ll see the magic green button.

    If you run out of funds while roaming outside your coverage area, don’t worry. There is no surcharge when your wallet runs out of funds, although you won’t be able to use your services. If this happens, simply hunt down a Wi-Fi network so you can access your account and add funds to your wallet.

  1. Changing your coverage.

    If you’re planning a getaway somewhere in Canada or in the United States, make sure to do your math. Changing your plan's coverage might be an interesting option, and cheaper, than buying Travel Add-ons or paying as you go. Once the dates of your trip are set, pencil in the right moment to adjust your plan and choose the coverage you want so this change comes into effect in time.

    Be advised.

    If you are travelling to the United States, including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, the ability to make calls will depend on the network your phone connects to at your location. If only the LTE network is available, the ability to make calls will depend on your Fizz SIM card and your phone since they must be compatible with the VoLTE technology.

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  1. Hunting down Wi-Fi.

    Aaaah, Wi-Fi. Probably the next best thing since sliced bread. Connecting to Wi-Fi means you can use apps such as WhatsApp, Google Duo, Facetime and Messenger to make video calls. These apps use data and do not require voice coverage.