I’m at risk of depleting my monthly plan. What can I do?

Screenshot: Usage meters

  1. Usage Meter

    Reading your Usage Meter

    When you log into your account, the first thing you will see is a Usage Meter, which tells you how quickly you are using up the data left in your plan.

    If the metre is:

    You’re in great shape and will likely make it through your payment cycle without needing an Add-On, plan change or Pay as you Go.


    You’re going through data or minutes more quickly than expected. Use data or minutes more carefully until the end of your cycle or you may run out.


    You’re in danger of running out of data or minutes before your payment cycle ends. To make sure you don’t run out, you may want to change your plan, buy an Add-On or add money to your Wallet to Pay as You Go.


    Your plan is paused. Plans can be paused for several reasons:

  1. Running out of data or minutes

    What to do if your plan is running out of data or minutes:
    Buy an Add-On

    An Add-On is additional usage — it could be data, minutes & text or minutes for international calls — that you can use right away. You may want to buy an Add-On if you’re running low on monthly data, or if you want to add a feature that’s not part of your monthly plan. It will expire at the end of the following payment cycle.

    Login to your account to buy an Add-On

    Learn more about Add-Ons

    Add money to your Wallet

    When yourplan runs out of data or minutes, it will automatically switch to Pay As You Go and use the funds in your Wallet. If your Wallet is depleted, you will no longer be able to use your Fizz plan. To reactivate, simply add more funds to your Wallet to continue to pay as you go.

    Login to your account to add funds to your Wallet

    Learn more about managing your Wallet

    Ask another Fizz member to gift you their extra data

    Reach out to your network — it’s possible one of your friends or contacts has extra data they can gift to help you get to the end of your payment cycle.

    Learn about data gifting