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The ABCs of Fizz mobile services.

Good-to-know info about Fizz mobile services. Because no one can know everything about something, we tried to group interesting details about our m
Coverage, 1, Consult the interactive map   Even if you live within our coverage area, that doesn’t mean you can subscribe to Fizz mobile services.
Text messages, 2, Incoming texts are always free, whether you’re within your coverage area or not, and whether you opted for unlimited texts or not.  Premium te
Calls, 3, You cannot make or receive calls if your plan doesn’t include minutes. In other words, if your plan only has data, and you have no funds in your walle
Mobile data, 4, The mobile data included in your plan must be used when you are within your coverage area. Outside your coverage area, you must buy an Add-on or add f
Voicemail, 5, The calls received on your voicemail are not billable whether you are in or out of your coverage area.  Once voicemail is activated on your pl

I’m at risk of depleting my monthly plan. What can I do?

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Usage Meter, 1, Reading your Usage Meter When you log into your account, the first thing you will see is a Usage Meter, which tells you how quickly you are using u
Running out of data or minutes, 2, What to do if your plan is running out of data or minutes: Buy an Add-On An Add-On is additional usage — it could be data, minutes &amp; text or
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How do I make an international call when I am in my coverage area?

To make an international call, you have different options depending on your needs. Whatever option you choose for your international calls, know th
International Calls Option, 1, If you make international calls every month: add the International calls option to your plan. You get each month a fixed number of minutes to make
International Calls Add-on, 2, If you make international calls occasionally: use the International Calls Add-on. The International calls Add-Ons are useful if you need to &nbsp;m
Pay as you go, 3, To make international calls without changing your mobile plan or buying Add-ons: pay as you go. By adding funds to your wallet, you’ll be able to p
How much does it cost to call internationally from my coverage area?, 4, You can see the cost of our Add-ons, as well as the pay per use rates, in your Fizz account : Connect to your Fizz account Under your mobile p
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