The unique philosophy of Fizz.

At Fizz, we do things differently. Not only do we offer our members innovative game changing advantages (just think data rollover), but our modus operandi also allows all our members to choose and enjoy what suits each of them best.  Let us explain.

  1. You can change your plan anytime.

    As a prepaid service provider, we don’t have fixed-term contracts that tie you or us to the price of a plan. In other words, we give you the opportunity to change your plan every month so you only pay for what you need1. This way, as your needs evolve over months or even years, you’re not stuck with a plan that doesn’t fit. Flexible and fair, right?

  1. Our members have access to any new plan or price that comes out.

    We don’t give preferential treatment to new members, and you don’t need to ask for it either. If you see a plan or a price that suits you better, you make the changes to enjoy it, directly in your account.

    Log into your account on and go to My plans > Manage plan > Adjust plan.



  1. You maintain control on your price. 

    No need for a calendar or a countdown. Once your plan is updated, you get to enjoy that price until YOU decide to change your plan again.1 Whether it’s in a month, a year or even 2 years - 4 months - 18 days, it’s your plan and you’re the boss.  

  1. With Fizz, the more you stay, the more you benefizz.

    With our My Rewards program, the upgrades you earn to complement your plan every month grow with time. Examples? We’re talking about a $1 rebate on the price of your Home Internet plan after the first month, and up to $7 over the course of your Fizz journey. Or, enjoy 250, 500 or even 750 MB of free additional data for your mobile plan. 

  1. You get to keep your unused mobile data.

    You paid for it, so it’s only fair you get to keep it.2 At the end of every month, the unused mobile data in your mobile plan automatically rolls over to the next month.  

    Say 2 GB of your data rolled over. Now’s the time to adjust your mobile plan to pay for less data … you can always readjust next month.  

Could the price of my plan can go up?

We’ve always been fair and transparent with you, and we plan on keeping it that way: the price of your monthly plan is not exempt from a potential increase to keep up with inflation and continue to invest in our networks. But rest assured that if such an increase were to come, you would be notified at least 30 days in advance.


If prices change, do I have to contact Fizz?

No need. If you see something in our plans that would be better for your wallet, simply change your plan to enjoy it. Log into your account on > My plans > Manage plan > Adjust plan.

Once your plan is updated, you get to enjoy that price until YOU decide to change your plan again.1

If I want to add an Add-on to my plan, does that count as a change, which will result in me paying regular prices?

No. An Add-on is a punctual additional block of data, minutes, texts or international minutes that you’re adding to your monthly plan. It’s not a recurrent change to your monthly plan, which means the price of your plan will remain unchanged. Other examples that won’t impact the price of your plan include any action related to your Fizz wallet, a change of address, phone number or payment method, adding an extra user to your account or any action listed under the advanced parameters menu. 

However, Fizz also offers recurring options for your plan. And so adding the voicemail or international call option to your monthly plan will result in your plan switching to regular prices.


What happens if I make a change to my plan using the rewards I received via the My Rewards program?

The rewards you received, whether buckets of mobile data or dollar rebates, can be added, changed or removed from your plan at anytime. This type of change will not impact the advantage you are enjoying for the price of your plan. These rewards were given to you to thank you for being with us. They complement your plan so it works harder for you month after month. Hence, don’t hold back and enjoy your rewards whenever you please.


What happens if the prices of mobile plans change before I activate my SIM card?

The price of your mobile plan will be the price shown at the time you activate your SIM card, and not when you order it.


Will I pay less if I subscribe to both mobile AND Home Internet services?

Yes, you will pay less for your Fizz services if you subscribe to both mobile and Internet services because your rewards will add up faster. That means more dollars off the monthly price of your Home Internet plan for instance, or more free mobile data each month. At Fizz, we do things differently, and while there are no promotions such as bundle savings, you do come out a winner if you subscribe to both mobile and Home Internet services.


I subscribed to Fizz mobile services before April 12, 2019. 

If you subscribed to Fizz mobile services before April 12, 2019, this means you joined us during our early days.
Please click here for important information concerning your mobile plan.


(1) Any change to your plan must be made in accordance with the plan change policy detailed on

(2) During a payment cycle, the unused data from your mobile plan can be used within the two months following the end of that cycle. This excludes Add-Ons, gifted data and bonuses included in the My Rewards program (without exception). You must have an active plan to use rolled-over data.