I’m moving. How do I change my address for my Home Internet service?

Note: the steps here below will be soon replaced by a simpler process. In the meantime, please move your Fizz Home Internet service by completing
Create a new Home Internet plan using your new address, 1, Create a new Home Internet plan using your new service address: Log into your Fizz account.. On the Overview page, click on Add a pla
Cancel the plan associated to your old address, 2, Once your new Home Internet plan has been activated at your new address, unsubscribe from the plan associated to your previous address. This way, you
Frequent questions and answers, 3, If I create a new plan at my new address, will the price of my Home Internet plan change? If you initially subscribed after March 13, 2019, so in o

What are the Wi-Fi technologies used at Fizz?

What type of equipment does Fizz use?, 1, Fizz uses an all-in-one Wi-Fi modem that includes a Wi-Fi router. This device ensures an exceptional online experience by optimizing Wi-Fi services
2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi band steering, 2, Wi-Fi band steering is a technology used to deploy dual Wi-Fi bands that allow compatible devices to primarily use the more powerful and less-problema
Automatic Wi-Fi channel optimization, 3, Both Wi-Fi frequency bands (2.4GHz and 5GHz) offer a range of channels to optimize the quality of your Wi-Fi connection. The Fizz Wi-Fi modem has a

How can I use my own Wi-Fi router with Fizz?

Disable the Wi-Fi feature of the Fizz Wi-Fi modem, 1, In bridge mode, the two (2) Wi-Fi radios built into your Fizz Wi-Fi modem will be deactivated, thus disabling its Wi-Fi capabilities. Open an In
Install your personal Wi-Fi router, 2, Connect your personal router as indicated in its user guide.  Plug the network cable (RJ45) into one of the four (4) numbered ports of yo

How do I manage an appointment for a technician to visit my service address?

How can I plan the visit of a technician?, 1, The process of booking an appointment varies depending on your reason for booking a technician.   Important: A person over 18 years old mus
How do I view my appointments?, 2, You can log into your Fizz account any time to see your past and future technician appointments. Service calls (for repairs), however, do not appear i
How do I change or cancel an appointment?, 3, You can log into your Fizz account to reschedule or cancel your technician visit up to 20 hours before your appointment. Service calls (for repai
What if I receive an email for the failure of an appointment?, 4, Here are some reasons why an appointment with a technician has failed at your service address: The appointment could not take place (you were ab
Frequently asked questions (and their answers), 5, If your appointment is for a service call (for repairs), click here.   Is my appointment still happening? Where’s the technician? Did I mis
Important things to know for any technician visit, 7, Your equipment should be easily accessible. Make sure to move ahead of time any furniture that may complicate things for the technician. A person
If the appointment is a service call (for repairs), 6, If your Home Internet service was diagnosed by our Customer Service team with a malfunction, a technician will be sent to your service address for a s