How do I order a SIM card?

The SIM card (subscriber identification module) will connect your phone to the Fizz mobile network so you can use the mobile plan you create.

Keep in mind, however, that Fizz does not offer business services: SIM card (their order and their use) are limited to a residential use.

  1. Order online

    Just like anything else these days, a Fizz SIM card can be delivered right to your door. You even get to keep your slippers on.

    New to Fizz?

    Go to and create your mobile plan. Follow the on-screen steps and order your SIM card. Obviously, your address must be located within the Fizz coverage area.

    You can also order a SIM card when you buy a phone on Just add it to your order. 

    You're looking to add a new plan to your account?

    With Fizz, you can add and manage several plans in your account. You can therefore purchase several SIM cards at once, all of which will be delivered in your name. Look for the Add a mobile plan tile 

    on the Overview page in your account and follow the steps.

    Need to replace your SIM card which is already activated and associated with your plan?

    Sign in and go under My plans > Manage plan > Change SIM card. From there, you’ll be able to order a new SIM card to replace the one you currently have.