How do I reactivate my Fizz plan?

We’ve been waiting with baited breath for you to come back (We knew you’d return to us for all those tasty Rewards and our easy, flexible mobile plans
Do you already have a SIM card?, J’ai ma carte SIM, How to reactivate your Fizz account when you have a SIM card: Go to the Reactivate page and log into your account. Review or adjust your plan
Do you need a new SIM card?, Nouvelle carte SIM, If you lost your phone or no longer have the SIM card you used before, you will need to order a new Fizz SIM card. How to order a new SIM card:
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I ordered a SIM card. How long will it take to arrive?

View the status of your SIM order Your delivery time depends on which shipping option you selected when you ordered your SIM card. There are two sh
Express shipping: Under 4 hours, Livraison express, Available only in the Greater Montreal Area: Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST (no delivery later than 9 p.m.) An
Standard shipping: maximum 3 business days, Livraison régulière, All orders placed from Monday to Wednesday are delivered within the week on the next 3 business days (Wednesday to Friday) All orders placed fr
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How does my voicemail work?

  If it is not listened to, a new voice message will be kept for 21 days (calculated from the date it was received).   Once listen
To listen to a message, 2,   Press and hold the '' 1 '' key on your phone's keypad or dial our server number: 1-514-647-0999. Once you authenticated yourself, press '
While listening to a message, 3,   Fast play (+10 seconds): Press 3   Rewind (-10 seconds): Press 1   Going to the end of the message: Press 3-3 (so the k
To delete a message, 4, Once a message has been heard, press '' 7 '' to delete it. If you'd like to delete the message without listening to all of it, press '' 7-7 ''.
To save a message, 5,   Once a message has been heard, press '' 9 '' to save it. Unheard messages remain available for 21 days. Once you save a message, it'll
To change your access code (PIN), 6, Modifiy your access code (PIN) to access your voicemail online, directly from your Fizz account. (Under: My plans > Manage my plan > Advanced