Why buy a phone at Fizz ?

  1. Which mobile plan am I allowed?

    The beauty of buying a phone with Fizz is that there are no restrictions on your Fizz mobile plan. Your phone purchase is kept separate from the price of your mobile plan:  


    • You create the mobile plan you want, whether it’s big or small, to go with the phone you choose. 
    • You can change your plan as many times as you like. You are not stuck, and only pay for what you need each month.


    If you have lots of unused data on a given month for instance, that data will roll over to the following month. So you may choose to reduce the amount of data included in your plan (and therefore pay less for that month) to benefit from that rolled over data.


  1. New and Preloved phones

    Fizz offers a wide selection of phones to choose from, whether brand-new or Preloved.

    • A new phone is, well, brand-new, and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 12 months. Look up warranty details.
    • A Preloved phone is not brand-new, but it’s a great alternative if you’re looking for a great phone but don’t want to pay full price. Preloved phones come with a warranty of 6 months. Look up warranty details.


    There are two (2) categories of Preloved phones:

    Perfect Almost perfect

    A Perfect phone was slightly used.

    You might see some negligible traces of wear if you look closely.

    An Almost perfect phone was previously used, but is in very good condition.   

    You may see a few marks and in some cases, minor scratches or traces of light wear.

    Appareil Preloved 1 Appareil Preloved 2

    Consult the cosmetic criteria of each category. 


    Phones are available for purchase on fizz.ca, with free delivery within three (3) business days. This is meant as a guideline; shipping is done by a third party, and Fizz cannot guarantee a specific delivery date. 


  1. Do I need a Fizz SIM card?

    Yes, your Fizz experience starts with a SIM card. Once activated in your phone, it’s what identifies you and keeps your phone connected to the Fizz mobile network so you can use the mobile plan of your dreams.

    You can add one to your phone order or use one you already have.


    If you’re using a Fizz SIM card you already have but it’s too small for your new phone, use the support it came in to adjust its size to a larger one. If you don’t have that plastic support anymore, you’ll have to order a new SIM card.


    How to get started with my new Fizz phone


  1. Billing and shipping address

    The billing address proposed by the system when you place your order must be an exact match to the one on your credit card statement. If they don’t match perfectly, add another address, and copy/paste your credit card address. 


    The billing address used when you place your order will be automatically used as the shipping address. The package will be addressed to the credit card holder. This person will have to show a valid photo ID with their name and address, and sign upon delivery. Obviously, your delivery address must be located within the Fizz subscrition area.


  1. How do I pay for my phone?

    Whether you pay for your phone upfront or break up the cost with Affirm, , your experience with us remains the same and you are entitled to the same incredible flexibility that makes Fizz so unique: you can change your mobile plan whenever you want, whether it’s up or down.


    Payment option 1: Pay upfront 

    Choosing to pay for your phone upfront means you pay for its entirety right away. You’ll be asked to enter your payment method.  

    See the accepted payment methods 


    Payment option 2: Break up the cost with Affirm.

    If paying upfront is not your thing, paying later is available with Affrim, a company that offers plans to break down the cost of a purchase into several payments. The payment solution offered by Affirm on fizz.ca varies based on the value of your purchase: Pay in 4 for small purchases, and monthly instalments for large purchases.


    How does financing with Affirm work?


    You’d still have no fixed-term contract with Fizz, and no restrictions on the Fizz mobile plan you want to associate with your phone. You’ll even be able to change your plan every month if you want.


    Important to note – A promotional rebate is sometimes offered for a limited time on the suggested retail price of some phones offered on fizz.ca. To see how these discounts work and the conditions that apply if you leave Fizz, click here.


  1. Lots of My Rewards points for you

    Buying a phone with Fizz is an action that will give you a nice loot of My Rewards points. 

    With all those new points, your progression in the program’s levels will get a nice boost.

    And the higher the level you’re at, the more rewards you get to choose from to add value to your monthly plan.


    Expect on average a 30-day delay following the receipt of your phone to see these fresh new points in your Fizz account.


    See My Rewards details