I received a free Fizz SIM card. How do I activate it?

Open your browser and enter the URL on the flyer that came with your SIM card.

Here you will be able to create a mobile plan and subscribe to Fizz.

  1. Subscribing to Fizz

    Subscribing to Fizz is easy:
    1. Create or customize your mobile plan.
    2. Activate your SIM card.
    3. Insert your SIM card into your phone (make sure your phone is unlocked!) 
      Learn about unlocking your phone
    4. Transfer or choose your phone number.

  1. Activate your SIM card

    How to activate your SIM card:
    1. Go to Activate my SIM Card
    2. Enter the activation code on your SIM card in the field provided.
    3. Voila! Your SIM card has been activated.

    Screenshot: Insert your activation code to activate your SIM card