I received my SIM card. How do I activate it?

Activate your SIM card now

You must have an unlocked phone to activate your Fizz account.
Learn about unlocking your phone


  1. Did you receive your SIM card?

    Here's what to do next:
    1. Activate your SIM card.
    2. Confirm or create your mobile plan.
    3. Insert your SIM card into your phone (make sure your phone is unlocked). 
      Learn about unlocking your phone
    4. Transfer or choose your phone number.

    You can do all four steps at the same time — they're quick and easy. 

    Once done, you'll be able to use your Fizz mobile plan.

  1. Activate your SIM card

    How to enter your activation code:
    1. Go to Activate my SIM Card.
    2. There's an activation code on your SIM card. Type it in the field provided.
    3. Voila! Your SIM card has been activated.

    Screenshot: Insert your activation code to activate your SIM card

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