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How to test my Fizz line?

Four easy tests to confirm your Fizz line is functioning properly:
Make and receive a call., 1, Doesn’t work?  
Send and receive a text message (SMS)., 2, Doesn’t work?
If your plan contains data, turn off your Wi-Fi option and then:
Surf the web., 3, Doesn’t work?  
Send and receive an image/picture by text (MMS)., 4, Doesn’t work?
Once these tests are completed, you’ll be ready to roll with Fizz line and your brand new mobile plan.   IMPORTANT If you transferred your

How do I manage an appointment for a technician to visit my service address?

How can I plan the visit of a technician?, 1, The process of booking an appointment varies depending on your reason for booking a technician.   Important: A person over 18 years old mus
How do I view my appointments?, 2, You can log into your Fizz account any time to see your past and future technician appointments. Service calls (for repairs), however, do not appear i
How do I change or cancel an appointment?, 3, You can log into your Fizz account to reschedule or cancel your technician visit up until the day of your appointment. Service calls (for repairs), ho
What if I receive an email for the failure of an appointment?, 4, Here are some reasons why an appointment with a technician has failed at your service address: The appointment could not take place (you were ab
Frequently asked questions (and their answers), 5, If your appointment is for a service call (for repairs), click here.   Is my appointment still happening? Where’s the technician? Did I mis
Important things to know for any technician visit, 7, Your equipment should be easily accessible. Make sure to move ahead of time any furniture that may complicate things for the technician. A person
If the appointment is a service call (for repairs), 6, If your Home Internet service was diagnosed by our Customer Service team with a malfunction, a technician will be sent to your service address for a s

How do I make sure my mobile service is working properly?

IMPORTANT: If you transferred your number, wait until you receive the confirmation text before proceeding to make sure results are conclusive. For
Make and receive a call, 1, Doesn't work?  
Send and receive a text message (SMS), 2, Doesn't work?
If your plan contains data, turn off your Wi-Fi option and then:
Surf the Web, 3, Doesn't work?  
Send and receive an image/picture by text (MMS), 4, Doesn't work?
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    Re activation?

    Hi. I have activated my Sim couple months ago. Everything is working fine. And now I get e mail and notification on my fizz home page, saying I need to activate my Sim card again. I dont have it anymore, since I already activated it a couple months ago. Any insight?

    voicemail activation

    when trying to activate my voicemail it asks for my number and after that it says ''that doesnt seem wright please enter a valid phone number.

    Can I reactivate account with old sim (without activation code)?

    I want to reactivate my account with my old sim. I chose a new number even if I don't want to. I payed the month. Then it asked the activation code! It's my old sim so I don't have the sim holder. Is there a way to reactivate my old sim? The only one I used in the past. Thank you