How do I unlock my SIM card?

  1. Insert SIM card into your mobile phone

    The Fizz SIM card is detachable in three different formats (mini, micro and nano). Make sure to insert the correct SIM card format for your phone. If you detach the wrong format, don’t worry — the Fizz SIM card can be “reattached” in the right format. 

    IMPORTANT: Insert your SIM card the right way around to allow the connectors on the card to establish contact with your phone.

  1. Unlock your SIM card

    About your PIN (Personal Identification Number):

    Most mobile phones offer the possibility of adding a PIN in order to access the SIM card.

    After you turn on your phone, if the PIN security feature is enabled, you will be prompted to enter a 4-8 digit PIN.

    If you enter the wrong PIN several times, the SIM card will be locked. 

    If your SIM card is locked and your phone asks you to enter a PUK code, you can obtain this code in your Fizz account:

    Find your PUK code in your account 

    Note: As a security measure, when you change your PIN do not use the same PIN that you had before.

    You can change your SIM card’s PIN by typing the following command into your phone’s keyboard: **04*OldPIN*NewPIN*NewPIN#.