How do I create my mobile plan?

Depending on how you subscribed to Fizz, you either create your mobile plan at the start of the subscription process, or when you activate your SIM card.

You’re never locked into a mobile plan. What’s more, you can adjust your plan any time — changes will take effect at the start of your next payment cycle.

In both cases, the process is the same. You will use the Plan Wizard to:

  • Adjust the amount of data, the number of texts and minutes
  • Choose your coverage area — Quebec, Canada or Canada + U.S. (Hawaii and Alaska are included in the Canada + U.S. coverage area)
  • Decide whether you want voicemail and international calling

At the bottom of the Plan Wizard you will see your monthly fee, which adjusts based on your selected plan details. Some Fizz calling options — such as call display, call waiting, call forwarding and conference calling — are always free of charge.

Once you’re happy with your plan details, click Confirm.

Important: incoming texts are always free, but incoming calls are not. If you do not have minutes in your plan and no funds in your wallet, be aware that you will not be able to receive calls.

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Screenshot: Create and personalize your plan

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