Is my phone compatible with the Fizz mobile network?

You can, of course, buy a phone on, but you can also use your own phone with Fizz. To do so, your phone must be unlocked and compatible with our network.  

  1. How do I switch my phone to Fizz?

    Using your own phone with Fizz is simple. 

    When you subscribe, simply switch your phone from your current mobile provider to your new Fizz account. 

    To switch to Fizz, your phone must be:
    • Unlocked (free of a contract with another mobile provider)
    • Compatible with the Fizz network frequencies

  1. Is my phone compatible with the Fizz mobile network?

    Your phone needs to meet a few critera if you want to use it on the Fizz mobile network.


    The majority of Android phones sold in North America in the last five (5) years are compatible with Fizz. Simply make sure your phone has the necessary hardware components to support the Fizz network frequencies.



    There are three elements to check to find out if your iPhone is compatible with the Fizz network:

    1. The model:

    • Only the iPhone 5s, or more recent, are compatible with the Fizz mobile network.


    2. The operating system:

    • Make sure your phone has the latest iOS software. To do so:
      • Connect to a Wi-Fi network
      • Download the latest iOS software update


    3. The carrier settings:

    • Once the software update is done, your iPhone will offer a carrier settings update to Fizz 34.1 or higher. Make sure to accept it. More information is available on the Apple website.

  1. Which frequencies must my phone support?

    For an LTE-compatible phone configured with LTE network preferences:

    • Calls: Your device must support HSPA 850 MHz
    • Mobile data: Your device must have dual-frequency support for 1700/2100 MHz (also called AWS or band IV)


    Your phone can also support other frequencies that allow it to take advantage of the LTE network.

    For a phone that only allows 3G or HSPA preferred:

    • Calls and / or mobile data: The phone must support the 1700/2100 MHz frequency (also called AWS)

We may terminate access to certain services if we detect an incompatibility between your phone and the Fizz mobile network. If so, we would inform you.

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