How do I know if I can use my own phone with Fizz?

You can, of course, buy a phone on, but you can also use your own phone with Fizz. To do so, your phone must be:

  • Compatible with the Fizz network
  • Able to support the frequencies of our network
  • Certified VoLTE (not required before the 3G withdrawal, but nonetheless recommended)

If your phone does not quite meet these criteria, it may still be functional but your access to certain services may be limited. If this is the case, we will contact you to inform you.

  1. Is it compatible?

    Android > The majority of Android phones sold in North America in the last five (5) years are compatible with Fizz.

    iPhone > You must check three elements:

    • It’s an iPhone 5s or more recent model.
    • The most recent iOS software has been downloaded.
    • The carrier settings update to Fizz 50.0 or higher that was proposed was accepted (more information is available on the Apple website)

  1. Does it support the right frequencies?

    An LTE compatible phone configured with LTE network preferences must support:

    • The HSPA 850 MHz frequency for calls. 
    • The dual frequency 1700/2100 MHz (also called AWS or band IV) for mobile data.

    A phone that only allows 3G configuration or HSPA network preference must support:

    • The dual frequency 1700/2100 MHz (also called AWS)

    When you buy a new phone, the supported frequencies are usually listed in the technical specifications. If not, do a search on the Internet. There are sites that will confirm the frequencies supported by your phone once you enter its IMEI in their search engine.

  1. Is it VoLTE certified?

    With Fizz, you get to enjoy our vast and ultrafast LTE network when using data with your mobile plan. A certified VoLTE phone activated with a VoLTE compatible SIM card will allow your calls to also use the LTE network and bypass the 3G network that is set to disappear in the near future.

    Why is VoLTE important

    The VoLTE certification of a phone is the result of a joint effort between phone manufacturers and Fizz. Some models are already certified while others will be soon. The list will be updated on several occasions in the coming months.

    IMPORTANT: A VoLTE certified phone must also be up to date with the latest software update.


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