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Is my phone compatible with the Fizz mobile network?

To switch your phone to Fizz, your phone must be unlocked and compatible with the Fizz network. We may terminate access to certain services if we d
How do I switch my phone to Fizz?, 0, With Fizz, you bring your own phone. This saves you money — you don’t have to buy a new phone when you switch to a more affordable and flexible plan.
Is my phone compatible with the Fizz mobile network?, 1, Your phone needs to meet a few critera if you want to use it on the Fizz mobile network. Android: The majority of Android phones sold in North A
Which frequencies must my phone support?, 2, For an LTE-compatible phone configured with LTE network preferences: Calls: Your device must support HSPA 850 MHz or 1900 MHz frequencies
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    My data internet is working half way, any help? REPEAT

    BY ACCIDENT I MARKED PREVIOUS QUESTION AS ANSWERED AND THERE IS NO WAY TO UNDO. SO REPEATING HERE AGAIN, AS IT IS NOT ANSWERED. I have tried to send myself configuration sms several time and installed and rebooted my phone, but Internet on my phone still works really glitchy. 1. I've never have more than 3 bars out of 5 of my mobile connection, sometime it's even 1-2 only. And I live in Lasalle. 2. It seems like I have 0 upload speed according to speedtest. 3. Which I think influence the work of Google services for me: Google Maps can't find the route and always tells me there is no connection to server Google Pay just doesn't load at all. 4. If I use Whatsapp, I can receive pictures, but can't send, it always fails. 5. At the same time websites are loading fine. Your chat bubble is not working, so I'm asking here. UPDATE: What can't be incompatible here, if phone has internet but really unstable? How can I check? I have no data blocks for apps. APN config was installed correctly, I tried it manually, I tried it automatically with sms, no difference. NEW PROBLEM: I've stopped receiving notifications about new voice mails.

    Are the Fizz APN setting incompatible with using a hotspot on an LG G6+?

    From a factory-reset LG G6+ phone, I experience the following: 1. Default APN: Phone gets data in some geographic locations (such as Pointe-Claire), and when it does my phone's hotspot works for connected devices. Connected devices can browse the internet. 2. Fizz APN: Phone gets data in all geographic locations (such as in the USA and around Canada), but my hotspot has "no internet" for connected devices. This is a severe problem because I am unable to use my laptop in most geographic locations. Additional Detail: - My wife's phone, an LG V20, with the Fizz APN, can provide a working hotspot. - I tried the "Manage plan > advanced parameters, Fizz network parameters" option, which sends 2 texts. I got two them, clicked "Install" on each, waited 4 minutes, restarted the phone, but this results in no data at all. I had to "Restore Detauls Settings" on the APNs, and follow the manual process. This still results in situation #2, above. Please assist. This may be device related, as Fizz's APN settings do provide a working hotspot on at least 2 other devices I'm aware of.

    Official list of incompatible devices?

    I saw that many have devices that do not work with Fizz network but haven't found an official list of unsupported devices ... 

    I'm thinking about changing device soon and would not like to get myself into trouble! :-)