Why is VoLTE important?

Our current 3G network relies on older technology and will start to disappear to make room for more advanced networks. As a result, mobile services associated with 3G SIM cards will eventually no longer work.

We’ve been preparing our evolved network for a while to make sure we can continue offering quality mobile services. We are working hard to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible for our members.

  1. What is VoLTE

    VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE network, which basically means a phone call will use the LTE network.  


    But what’s LTE you ask?  

    Great question. LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. It’s basically an evolution of the norms for mobile services.  

  1. The advantages of VoLTE

    Using a VoLTE compatible SIM card with your Fizz mobile plan means you'll be ahead of the game and ready for VoLTE when it becomes available on Fizz's network.  


    You’re already using our ultrafast and vast LTE network when you use data with your mobile plan. The opportunity to use the LTE network for your calls means:   

    • Improved sound quality for your calls.   
    • Faster routing of your calls, meaning the delay for the phone to ring at the other end will be shorter. 

  1. Your VoLTE compatible SIM card

    Your SIM card connects your phone to the Fizz network now 3G and going to LTE. A VoLTE compatible SIM card is therefore required to stay ahead of the game. This SIM card shows a red lightning bolt icon. 



    Good to know: 

    • Any member who orders a SIM card today is ok. Their SIM card is already compatible with VoLTE. 
    • Same applies for a Fizz SIM card that was ordered after the month of September 2021. 


    For the other mobile members who currently have a 3G SIM card, Fizz will make sure that each of them gets a FREE VoLTE compatible SIM card.  


    > Each of these members will receive an invitation to order their free SIM card. This process will take place over several weeks, so don’t worry if you’re not part of the first batch. 


    > Once ordered, your new SIM card will arrive by regular mail within two weeks, along with the instructions to associate it with your Fizz mobile plan. Changing your SIM card for a VoLTE compatible one will not impact your plan or phone number. 

    How to make a SIM card change 



  1. The LTE function on your phone

    Once your new VoLTE compatible SIM card is associated and activated with your Fizz plan, you’ll need to activate LTE on your phone.  


    1 > Manufacturer software update 


    Each manufacturer is managing their software rollout so their phone models are compatible with VoLTE. Manufacturers will be making a gradual rollout throughout the year and make a system update available.  


    How do you know which update is the right one? The VoLTE option will appear in the phone settings only if the installed update was the one that included VoLTE.  



    2 > For Android, refreshing the Fizz network settings (APN) 


    Once your Android phone is certified and ready for VoLTE thanks to the manufacturer software update, refresh the Fizz network settings.  


    3 > Activate the VoLTE function 


    In general, you must go: 

    • Android: Calls > … > Call settings 
    • Apple: General > Cellular network > VoLTE 


    4 > Restart the phone 


    Good to know: The phone uses the VoLTE when during a call the phone continues to display “LTE” in the right corner of the screen. 

  1. VoLTE coverage

    You’re already enjoying our LTE network when it comes to your mobile data. That network is faster and larger than the 3G network. A VoLTE compatible and certified phone, activated with a VoLTE compatible SIM card will together allow your calls to also use the LTE network instead of the 3G network which is bound to disappear in the near future.


    See the LTE coverage map 


    If you’re travelling in the country or going to the United States, you’ll be roaming using our partner’s LTE network