When I add a user to my plan, what permissions can I adjust?

Because you have payment responsibility for users on your plan, it’s important to adjust the various permissions that will affect your monthly payment.

Learn how to add a user or plan to your account

Here are the user permissions you can adjust for each plan on your account:

Add funds to their Wallet: The user can transfer funds from their payment method to their Wallet

Wallet to Wallet money transfer: Transfer funds from one Wallet/plan to another Wallet/plan. Note that Wallet transfers can only occur between Wallets on the same account — in other words, a user on your plan can transfer funds to you, or to another user on your plan.

Buy an Add-On: Buy an Add-On to their plan — for additional data, minutes for international calls or travel.

Change their monthly plan: Adjust details in their plan — change the amount of data, minutes, minutes for international calls, etc. (and therefore the monthly payments)

Gift data: Gift additional data to another Fizz member

Change their phone number: Change their current phone number

Screenshot: Manage permissions

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