What do I receive with the My Rewards program?

  1. The upgrades

    Each time you reach a new level in the My Rewards program, you unlock a new upgrade. An upgrade is a long-term reward that boosts your plan every month, like additional mobile data or a monthly rebate on the price of your Home Internet plan.


    Once activated on your plan, you get to enjoy your upgrade each and every month.


    Keep an eye out and activate your upgrades as soon as possible to fully take advantage of them.

    Each Fizz plan has three (3) slots on which an upgrade can be applied. The number of unlocked slots ready to welcome an upgrade varies based on your My Rewards level. If you have more than one slot available on a plan, the upgrades you’ll assign to that plan will be cumulative, making your plan even richer.


    Can I gift my upgrades to another Fizz member, or transfer them from month to month?

    Your upgrades are yours, and yours alone. You cannot gift your upgrades to another Fizz member.

    An upgrade, however, gets the same preferential treatment as your plan. As such, if you activate a mobile data upgrade on your plan and you don’t use all its data within a payment cycle, the unused data will get rolled over to the next month. For example, say you receive an upgrade of 200 MB of additional mobile data, but only end up using 50 MB during your payment cycle. The remaining 150 MB will be rolled over to the next month.


    Your upgrades can have any one of the following status:
    1. In use: you’re currently enjoying this upgrade every month. If you click on it, you’ll have the option to remove it from your plan.
    2. Pending activation: you chose to activate this upgrade, and it’ll be applied to your plan come your next payment cycle (and will, at that time, show the “active” status).
    3. Pending removal: this upgrade was active, and you chose to remove it from your plan, which will be done come your next payment cycle.
    4. Available: you can choose to activate it on one of your plans.


    To apply an upgrade on your plan:

    Since an upgrade boosts your monthly plan, your plan must include that service in the first place for that upgrade to work. Say for example you receive  mobile data upgrade: your plan has to include mobile data for you to enjoy an upgrade consisting of mobile data.

    Your plan showcases more than one available slot? Take advantage of the situation and assign an upgrade to each of those slots. Say for example you have an upgrade of 250 MB of mobile data, and another of 500 MB. Once these two upgrades have been activated on your plan, you’ll get to enjoy 750 MB (250+500) of extra mobile data each month.

    1. Log into your account, and go to Overview.
    2. In the left column, click on the summary that shows your My Rewards level. You can also scroll down below your usage summary to My Rewards and click on See details.
    3. Open the tab in the lower right-hand corner.
    4. Select the upgrade and click on Apply.
    5. At that moment, you’ll see the white boxes below your plan start to move. Those are the slots where your upgrade can be applied.
      • The slots with a + sign are ready to welcome your upgrade.
      • If you select a slot where there’s already another upgrade, we’ll ask you to confirm the swap. If you accept, the new upgrade will be applied to your plan come your next payment cycle.
      • Some slots are locked and cannot welcome an upgrade yet. You’ll unlock these slots when you reach higher My Rewards levels
    6. Select the slot by clicking on it.
    7. Your upgrade will be activated on your plan at the start of your next payment cycle.

  1. The perks

    Because Fizz likes to spoil you, as part of the My Rewards program you may receive perks. A perk is a single-use item — for example, 2 GB of mobile data valid for 30 days once activated, or a discount at one of our retail partners. You may receive more than one perk at a time. Some perks will be applicable to your mobile service, others to your Home Internet service.


    If you receive mobile data as a perk, you can enjoy that perk even if your plan does not include data. You may have to configure your APN settings to do so.

    Your perks can have any one of the following status:
    1. In use: you’re currently enjoying it.
    2. Available: you can choose to activate and apply it to a plan, or gift it to another Fizz member if that option is available.
    3. Expired: you already used or gifted it, or the delay to activate it has expired.


    You can choose to apply all your perks at once on your plan, or spread them out. 


    To apply a perk on your plan:

    If you have more than one plan in your account, you’ll be able to choose which plan will benefit from your perk. The delay to activate a perk is not the same from perk to perk, and each has its own duration.  

    1. Log into your account, and go to Overview

    2. In the left column, click on the summary that shows your My Rewards level. You can also scroll down below your usage summary to My Rewards and click on See details. 

    3. In the perks section, click on Available. 

    4. Click on the perk you’d like to activate. 

    5. Select Use to activate the perk on your plan. 

    6. Select the plan on which you’d like to apply it. 

    7. Your perk will be activated on the spot. 


    If you have leftover mobile data from a perk, it won’t be rolled over to the next month once your payment cycle ends. Only unused data included in your mobile plan or in an upgrade will be rolled over. 


    To gift a perk to another Fizz member: 

    Some perks are giftable to other Fizz members. A perk that is gifted, however, cannot be regifted: it must be activated and used by the recipient or else it’ll be lost. 

    1. Log into your account. 

    1. Check that the Fizz member to whom you’d like to gift your perk to is listed in your Fizz contacts

    1. In the left column, click on the summary that shows your My Rewards level. You can also scroll down below your usage summary to My Rewards and click on See details. 

    1. In the perks section, click on Available. 

    1. Click on the perk you’d like to gift. 

    1. Select Gift to gift it to that lucky Fizz member you chose.   


    Learn more on the program, and the rewards offered.