What are the Fizz apps?

  1. To manage your Fizz account.

    In fact, our website has been designed to allow you to manage your account online, even from your phone. So no need for an app: our site adapts itself based on the device used and allows you to access all the features of your account. 


    Add fizz.ca as a shortcut on your phone screen. You'll have all the advantages of an app, without having to download anything.

    Here's how to add fizz.ca as a shortcut on your phone screen: 

    • With an Android phone:   
      • Using the Google Chrome browser, go to fizz.ca  
      • Log in to your account. 
      • Click on the square with the three dots (depending on the device, it’ll be at the bottom of the screen, or in the upper right corner of the browser).  
      •  Select "Pin on home screen". 
    • With a Apple phone: 
      • Using the Safari browser, go to fizz.ca 
      • Log in to your account. 
      • Click on the Share icon (the square with an arrow pointing up). 
      • Scroll down the menu that appears. 
      • Click on the button “On the Home screen”. 

    Curious to learn more about managing your Fizz account? Take our guided tour right here: How do I manage my Fizz account?


  1. To manage your Fizz Wi-Fi network.

    If you want to change your Home Internet plan, you must do so via your Fizz account. The Fizz Wi-Fi app is only to manage your Wi-Fi network if you’re a Fizz Internet member.  


    The Fizz Wi-Fi app gives you direct access to the important details of your network. It also offers you great features: 

    • Change the name and password: change how your Wi-Fi network is named, and its password. 
    • Manage connected devices: see all devices connected to your network. Then, you can block or pause access to each one.  
    • Schedules: schedule automatic Wi-Fi shutdowns per device.  
    • Speed tests: validate easily the speed of your connection and the speed that goes directly into your device. If it slows down, you’ll even be able to determine the cause.  
    • Guest network: no need to share your password anymore. Just create a network (with its own password) for guests. Once they’re gone, you simply block that network. 
    • Self-diagnostic tool: identify issues, find solutions, as well as optimize and secure your Wi-Fi signal.  
    • Chat with tech support if you are stuck. 


    Download the Fizz Wi-Fi app for free on: 


    To log in, use the same credentials as your Fizz account.   


    We gathered several FAQs to answer your questions about your Wi-Fi network and modem. Have a look right here:  https://fizz.ca/en/solutions/wifimodem 


  1. For those who use IP Relay services

    The Fizz IP Relay app is part of a whole series of measures put in place to help people with disabilities, in this case more particularly those with hearing and/or speech disorders. 

    The app is offered free of charge on the Canadian version of the Google Play and App Store sites, but you must first submit a request to activate this service on your Fizz account. Here’s how: 711 IP Relay Service