I would like to change my Fizz Home Internet plan. How do I do this?

Things change — we get it. Need faster Internet? Need to slow things down? You can change your plan directly in your account on Fizz.ca. Changes will take effect on your next payment cycle.


Good to know: Keep in mind the freeze period during which your plan cannot be modified. Ideally, aim to submit your changes when there are at least 4.5 days (108 hours) left in your current payment cycle. How can you know? Go in your account > My plans. Look right under your monthly price and you will see the days remaining in your payment cycle.  


  1. To change your plan

    1. Go to My Plans in your Fizz account. 
    2. Scroll to the plan you wish to change. 
    3. Click on Manage > Adjust your plan. 
    4. Choose your new speed. You will see your new monthly fee in the box below. 
    5. When you like what you see, save. Changes take effect at the start of yournext payment cycle. 


    Important – Any change to your plan must be made in accordance with the plan change policy detailed on https://fizz.ca/en/plan-change-policy. 


  1. Restart your modem

    When your new plan goes live on the first day of your new payment cycle, restart your Wi-Fi modem: 

    1. Unplug the power cable on your Wi-Fi modem. 
    2. Make sure all the lights on the modem are off once you have unplugged it. 
    3. Wait ten (10) seconds. 
    4. Plug your modem back into the electrical outlet. Expect a three (3) minute delay to allow your devices to reconnect to the Wi-Fi network. 

  1. To cancel the changes you made to your plan

    Go back into Adjust plan, and you’ll have the option to cancel (or edit) your plan change request. When you choose the Cancel option, a window will pop-up, asking you whether you’d like to delete your changes. Click on Delete. 


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