How do I choose my phone number?

Choosing your phone number is the third step in getting your mobile plan up and running.

  1. Once you have your Fizz SIM card, log into your account to activate it.
  2. This step leads to the Plan Wizard, which enables you to configure your phone plan.
  3. After this is done, we may ask you to confirm your home address.
  4. Then you will choose your Fizz phone number.
There are three ways to select or configure your phone number:
  1. Transfer your current phone number from your previous mobile provider.
    (Your number must be active to transfer from another provider.)  Learn how
  2. Ask Fizz to give you a new number.  Learn how
  3. Find a number by entering the last 4 digits. (This option has a one-time $1 fee.)  Learn how

Screenshot: The three options you have to select or configure your phone number


Your phone area code is linked to the postal address associated with your account. Make sure your address matches the area code you want.


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