Is it possible to transfer my plan to another account?

The short answer, unfortunately, is no.  

As much for a mobile plan as for an Internet plan, our systems do not allow the transfer from one account to another. It is also impossible to group several accounts together. These are features we are working on, but for now, it is impossible.  

The only alternative is to unsubscribe from the plan in the account you want to leave and resubscribe to a new plan from the new account. And that is why we are working hard to address this situation as soon as possible.  


  1. For a child who has grown up.

    If you had created a plan in your account for your child, and your child is now grown up and would like to stand on his own, he must first create his Fizz account.   

    Once his account is created, he needs to create himself a new plan. In other words, he can't retrieve the plan he had in your account, whether it was a mobile or Internet plan. 


  1. For 2 people living at the same address.

    For example, your roommate leaves but you stay in the apartment, and the Internet plan is activated in your roommate’s Fizz account. Your roommate cannot transfer the plan to you. He needs to unsubscribe from his plan (or submit a move request) and you’ll have to activate your own Home Internet plan at this address from your Fizz account.