I’m outside my coverage zone and my mobile data isn’t working. Why?

Note: If you are having difficulty making or receiving calls while you are travelling
You will not be able to make calls while roaming outside your Canada or the United States.
Roaming calls (incoming or outgoing) will be available at a later time. We will update this FAQ when we have a firm date.
In the meantime, you will be able to use data, and send/receive texts when you travel outside your coverage zone. To make and receive calls, you can use messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Messenger.

Note: Charges may apply to use your phone while you are outside your coverage zone. See: I’m travelling outside Canada. What are my roaming options?

When you are traveling outside your usual coverage area and using your phone, you must connect to an available local mobile network that is compatible with your phone.


  1. Is there mobile data in your plan?

    If your plan does not include data, you will not be able to connect to the Fizz mobile internet network.

    1. You can adjust your plan to extend you data coverage to all Canada or Canada+US : this change comes into effect at the start of your next billing cycle.
    2. You can also add data to your plan and use them right away by buying a Travel data Add-on.
    3. Remember that you can also access the internet by connecting to a WiFi network.
    4. If you are travelling, depending on the country you are visiting, you may be able to add money to your wallet to pay as you go.

    For more details, consult this FAQ : I’m travelling outside my coverage zone. What are my roaming options?


  1. Is your mobile data activated?

    Activate mobile data on your phone.

    Your phone has a software switch that allows you to connect or disconnect from the Fizz mobile network. By doing this, you can allow or prevent your phone from using mobile data.

    The steps to follow to enable your phone to use mobile data vary depending on the model of your phone. Here are two examples:

    Android: Settings → Mobile network → Mobile data

    iPhone: Settings → Cellular network → Cellular data

    If you are outside your coverage zone, you may need to activate mobile roaming data.

    The steps to follow to activate mobile roaming data vary depending on the model of your phone. here are two examples:

    Android: Settings → Mobile network → Roaming

    iPhone: Settings → General → Cellular → Options → Data roaming

  1. Restart your phone

    Reboot (power cycle) your phone by holding down the phone’s start button for 10 seconds.

    Following your reboot, your applications will load. Your phone will then re-authenticate to the Fizz mobile network and potentially recover its authorization to access the network.

  1. Is the Wi-Fi function turned off?

    Make sure you have temporarily deactivated WiFi on your phone.

    A phone could keep trying to connect only to WiFi when its WiFi function is activated.

    Deactivating WiFi, at least temporarily, may enable you to access mobile data.

    The process of deactivating WiFi can vary, depending on the type of phone. Here are two examples:

    Android: Settings → Connections → WiFi

    iPhone: Settings → WiFi

  1. Is your APN is correctly set up? (Android)


    Steps to follow for configuring the APN can vary from one phone to another. Here's an example:

    Settings → Connections → Mobile networks → Access Point Names → APN


    Fizz APN settings are:

    • APN: mobile.bm
    • MMSC: http://mms.mobile.bm
    • MMS proxy: mmsproxy.mobile.bm
    • MMS port: 80
    • APN type: default,mms,supl   


    If your phone offers you a predetermined APN type, choose “Internet + MMS”

    Other fields should be filled by default; if empty, they are not mandatory.

    Some phone models use the term “Proxy server” instead of “MMS proxy”. 

  1. Does the phone choose the right network?

    IMPORTANT: Before beginning this process, make sure the SIM card is inserted in your phone. Otherwise, the Mobile networks menu will not be visible.

    The steps for enabling your phone to automatically choose a network vary depending on the type of phone. Here are two examples:

    Android: Settings → Connections → Mobile networks → Network operators → Search networks → Automatic/Fizz

    iPhone: Settings → Operators → Automatic/Fizz

    The frequency band used may vary from one service provider to another. It’s possible that your phone is not able to connect to all available mobile networks.